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Marisol Fernandez
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Main blog:FreedSistah
Birthday:October 14th
Occupation:Teacher / Professor
Education:Graduate degree, School of life

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Tattoo Info:Laus Deo- back Flowers - lower back

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Never Married
Family Info:2nd daughter. i got an older sister, Ria. 2 brothers, Mike and Matt. My mom was lovely. She's in heaven now. My dad is awesome!
Existing as:Human
Your Home:Live with pets
Biography/About:Once upon a time, in a faraway land there lived a naive girl who woke up one day and realized that nothing is free and no one is perfect. She and the rest of the world lived ever after, nonetheless
Likes:french fries, chocolate brownies, deviant art, poetry, holding hands
Dislikes:Shopping... (im not joking) and math
Interests:Seeing things for the first time

Personal Favorites

People/Heroes:My gay indonesian friend, Popo, The traffic warden in front of Lasalle, My niece, Nina, Manong Guard, Takatak boys, My cousin Mark,
Books:11 minutes, 100 years of Solitude, The Alchemist, Angels and Demons, Tuesdays with Morrie, 5 people you meet in Heaven, Harry Potter Book 4,6,7, Loving Pedro Infante, Tell Me your dreams, If Tomorrow comes
Authors:Mitch Albom, Paulo Coelho, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Sidney Sheldon, John Maxwell, Max Lucado
Music Genres:Soems, Experimental, Emotional, Reggae, Ska, Light rock, Slow jam, Jazz, Music from the theater
Bands/Artists:Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Bamboo, Barbie Almalbis, Sinosikat, Yellowcard, Dashboard Confessionals, John Mayer, Kelly Clarkson, Lakbay Lahi, Jill Scott, The Cranberries, The Cure Madonna
Songs:Unwritten, Anti-gravity, Only One, Blue and Yellow, Banana Pancakes, Screaming Infidelities
Movies:Stardust, Serendipity, If only, Moulin rouge, Ang pagdalaga ni Maximo Oliveros, Forrest Gump, Peter Pan
Games:Hide and Seek
Colors:deep purple
Food:as long it tastes good. but i really have a thing for Italian Cooking
Drink:Daquiris, Classic H2O
Quotes:"Men are like parking lots, the good ones are all gone, whats left are either too small or for disabled" - Popo, my gay friend, "Humanap ka na ng Banker" - my sis, "Good boy ka ba? 'hinde, tikboy'" Tikboy, 2 y/o "Anong tagalog ng one? 'isa' anong tagalog ng two? 'dalawa', anong tagalog ng three? ' PUNO' - Nina,when she was 2 " Dont be a homo, a lollipop is still better than salted salmon" -a gay friend " Better find a career than find a living" - my dad, "Aanhin pa ang cellphone, kung wala namang nagtetext? - Chinky

Four Most Recent Entries

Free to see myself
I have finally sorted it out / that there is nothing good about me/ Except Him. / I hear His song / In silence I break / unvindicated/ I see Him up there on the hill / With outstretched arms and blood-dripped hands Here comes the embrace. / Ground shook, and icy walls , fortified by scars, / shattered and collapsed / As I collapse in Him. / I lost myself in a puddle of tears and dirt. / He pulled me up and I look into His watery eyes / and found myself. / My reflection in his love-filled eyes. / The only reflection of me that I ever want to see / No...
Free to choose You
My heart was asleep / Numb from my so-called antibiotics / Walls up and fortified / Must not awaken love until it so desires / and it desired to be awoken by You. / Your persistence, broke my resistance / and Now I know, God / I am Your choice / and my choice is You
free from single shaming
One day I was talking to a woman that I just met. She told me she has recently gotten married and she is having a baby. I congratulated her. "What about you?", she asked. "Oh I don't have any kids and I'm still single". I told her quite proudly. She laughed out loud and asked "but why? how old are you?" and laughed again. She laughed like I told her the funniest joke for the day. Telling her my age would probably result to even more scrutiny. So I smiled, winked and said, "it's a secret". I can't count how many comments I've heard from fellow women, older women, and...
She knows that this transition is not about making herself better but allowing herself to become what she had always been

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