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Main blog:nUmB dReAmz
Birthday:February 26th
Education:School of life

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Hair Color:Auburn

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Astrological Sign:Pisces (Feb 19 - March 20)
Existing as:Angel- no wings
Interests:drawing,netsurfing,playing guitar/flute/piano,watch movies,playing pc games,listening to music..etc..

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Take me away
Take me Away... by: Avril Lavigne... I cannot find a way to describe it It's there inside; all I do is hide I wish that it would just go away What would you do, you do, if you knew What would you do [Chorus:] All the pain I thought I knew All my thoughts lead back to you Back to what was never said Back and forth inside my head I can't handle this confusion I'm unable; come and take me away I feel like I am all alone All by myself I need to get around this My words are cold, I don't want them to hurt you If I show you, I don't think you'd understand Cause...
simply me...=')
~*~*Profile*~*~ Name: Feora C. Peralta Birthdate: February 26,1988 Course: B.S.I.T. (Information Technology) School: Siena College of San Jose....AMA Fairview... Affiliations: ®~*YEAHN*~® Hobbies: drawing, playing guitar/flute/keyboeards, PC games(Battle Realms/GTR3/RO/R.O.S.E/DDR), listening to cool music, watching movies, net-surfing, sleeping, eating,watching my favorite tv shows, and hanging out with my friends. »My Favorites« Book: Harry Potter(series), Life after Death, Five people you meet in Heaven...etc. TVShow: WWE,MTV(pimp my ride/wade...
HP buff......=D
~CHOCHANG<Katie Leung> and HERMIONE<Emma Watson>~© ~::additional facts::~ ChoChang is "harry's" love interest in HP GoF... Precisely, thousands of hopefulls queued for a chance to take part as Cho Chang. And fortunately it was Katie who's gonna be playing as harry's first love!^__^ <waaaaaahhhh! cheez sho lucky!>ingit!!!hehehe^__^ Leaving aside the negative rumors spreading on the net, Peter Leung<Katie's father> clarified recently on the press that Katie's undoubtedly filming with the other HP casts...^__^ i just hope fame wont get to her...
At Last...^__^
its DANIEL RADCLIFFE in HPSorcerer Stone...© 03/18/05-------12:30am Finally, ive got my own blog n0w!^__^hihi.. this is my third attempt in creating a blog...and luckily its already functioning!...aside from that..."blogdrive" looks cUte and shrEwd!^__^ s0unds flattering, bUt i really find this blog cUte and sImple!...^__^ ~and to everyone who dropped by...y0u can add me on my friendster accnt...^__^<if ud like too!> friendster//hi5:: xie xie ni...^__^ >>littleshygurl<<

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