December 9, 2005

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General Information

Main blog:heather
Birthday:August 21st 1986
Occupation:Unemployed but looking
Education:High school
Service Attendance:Rarely
Race/lineage:White / Caucasian
Location:United States, Connecticut, Groton

Contact Information


Body Size:Few extra pounds
Height:5' 4" (163 cm)
Eyes:Hazel Green
Hair Color:Honey Blonde
Hair Style:Wavy - Medium
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Medium
Best Feature:Eyes
Clothing Pref.:Cozy
Tattoo Info:none yet but soon!! :)
Piercing Info:7 in ears 1 in nose
More Details:about what?? lol...hahahaha...

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Married
Family Info:tried 3 times for luck so far, so we're gonna wait AT LEAST a year or so to begin trying again...i need to let my body heal...
Sexual Preference:Straight but curious
Astrological Sign:Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)
Existing as:Human
Liquor:Gave it up
Your Home:Live with husband
Biography/About:i've had a rough life, but i'm great now...thanks to my parents and my husband, you wanna know more go to my myspace site:
Likes:i like a lot of things...i love tulips!! and i love music...and i love my husband, and i love my kitties...
Dislikes:i dislike a few things...i don't like the companies that support skinning animals alive for fur...i don't like people that judge me because i choose to not eat meat...i don't like kendra faine...i don't like lisa phelps...i don't like liars...i don't like cheaters...i don't like how overweight i am...AND THE LIST GOES ON!!
Interests:MUSIC, poetry, art, photography, interior design, the internet, people with special needs

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Four Most Recent Entries

well, once again, "it's been a while"...
so, mike and i are doing awesome! here's another little update...okay, the last time i wrote in here i had just had my 2nd miscarriage...well, on sept. 11th (what a day) we left for norfolk, VA...after spending 2 weeks there (mike was in school), we headed on up to NJ (stayed there for 2 days), then made our way to Groton, CT, which is where we are right's BEAUTIFUL up here...we got here on the 26th...the same day i found out i was pregnant AGAIN!!! i was already about 4 weeks pregnant...we were EXSTATIC!!!!! it had been 7 months or so since our last pregnancy, and we thought we were...
man, it's been so long...
it has been SOO long since i've been in here....well, on april 4th, i found out that i was pregnant, and MAN was i SOOOO happy!!! we went and bought all kinds of maternity clothes and all kinds of pregnancy books so that we could better know this time what to do and how to do it. well, 5 weeks and 3 days into it i lost the baby. i lost the baby on no other day than the ONE day that has some history behind it with me....4/20. and some people may laugh, but that isn't funny, because i have a bad history with pot, and being that i lost the baby on 'national pot smoker's day' does not make me...
it's been awhile
wow, it's been a LONG time since my last blog...well, i lost the baby, i lost it about a week after i wrote that entry...and could POSSIBLY be pregnant, anyway, i am doing a lot better than i was after that whole and mike are doing great now, he's going to the gym about 2 hours everyday now...and i'm spending most of my time with my close friend lisa...she has two kids, and they are adorable!! i love them to death...she's married, and her husband and mike like to play video games and lisa are getting into scrapbooking, she has her own and i have mine. but...
well, okay not childREN, just CHILD!! i'm pregnant now guys, as you could probably guess, mike and i are happily married, and things are going okay!! financially, shit stinks, but usually shit does stink, and right now, that shit is money. But anyway, so james WAS completely out of the picture, like i wouldn't talk to him, look at him, even stand next to him, which was kind of hard since we had COOKING class together, and were in the same group. but anyway, we finally worked out our differences, and at graduation i told him i was sorry that i acted like i did, and guess who moved right in my...

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