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Main blog:Thoughts of JM
Birthday:January 8th 1989
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Astrological Sign:Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)
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Biography/About:I enjoy writing & this is the place I ramble about my life and some other serious topic occasionally.

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The Outcome
5 days after The Exam was done & the results are out today. How's the exam? It's doable to be honest. I wouldn't say it was easy peasy. Pretty tricky if you don't read it carefully. With a super long paragraph for one question... you would tend to get nervous. Psycho orang skit kan. Did I do well? To be honest, I'm super duper scared for the morning paper. With 7 compulsory (1 skill level, 6 Knowledge Level) and 1 base key (Knowledge Level) subject in the morning... Failing one of the 7 compulsory would means failing The Exam. & knowing that there are a few questions with big...
Countdown - 13 days to go
13 more days to exam. & I'll be going for family vacation tomorrow. Haha. After about 2 weeks of trying to absorb everything, I do think we need a short little break to breath. I am beat to be honest. Physically and mentally tired. Pretty stress and worried too. We need to chillax a bit ya know. But that doesn't mean we are leaving all the knowledge behind. I'll do my best to do some short reading while on vacation as well. Wish me luck on that. Haha. And once we're back, we hope we get stronger to fight this challenge. (read: The Exam). Yosh. Let's have some fun first. XD Take...
Exam dan kerisauan
Exam worries me. Walaupun boleh cakap dekat orang, "Tak de hal lah. We all can do it punya." But truth is, aku takut. I hardly care about other people expectation. But with some people keep on pushing for us to get DISTINCTION (90+ marks)... & keep on asking "Are you ready for exam now, Jamaliatul?" Man, give us a break. Tanya hari-hari pun macam lah boleh ready tuk jawab esok. & bila jawab dengan honest, "Saya target MERIT (80+) je." Boleh pulak ada come back, "Wah, not ambitious eh you?" Hai, kau nak jawab untuk aku ke? (=.=)" Jadinya, bila hari-hari seterusnya mereka tanya...
Comfort Zone
Comfort zone. Free Dictionary defined comfort zone as a situation or position in which a person feels secure, comfortable or in control. Couldn't agree more. Personally, i believe we have quite a number of comfort zone. The permanent being our family, our home. The semi-almost permanent could be our close/best friends. The others could be the office you're currently in, the people in your team, the people you usually hang out with, the job you're comfortable with and the list could go on and on. Getting out of the comfort zone could prove to be hard enough. The first step is...

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