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Candy Holcker
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Prayer For Those In Crisis
Lord God, You are Almighty and at one time in my life I acknowledged that. I took on the name of Christian. I ministered in power as I acknowledged Your presence with me and upon me. I held back not the name of Jesus. I lived the Christian life. I believed in You. You were my God. You were my All and All. I did not shrink back from knowing You and learning of You daily. Then something happened in my life that made me question what was unhappiness in my life. Why did it happen to me? What is this disappointment? Why am I discontent? Why did You let this great upheaval in my life? Did You...
Hanukkah Day Prayer
God, our Father Creator of all of mankind, in remembrance today of the nation and people, Israel, we come into Your Presence on this celebratory day of Hanukkah. We ask for peace on the Jewish people's behalf from all oppressive nations. Your Holy Word accounts of their trials and cruel bondage. As Christians, we read not only the historical account, but we are drawn to You and You accepted us as Your very own through Jesus Christ, the Messiah. We thank You for the wisdom and instruction passed down to us. We give You grateful acknowledgment that You have received Gentiles into...
Prayer For Those In Nursing Homes
Heavenly Father, may we revere the elderly. May we be grateful for our location that provides a home with care to live out the end of life. May we honor those caregivers of pure heart that serve these patients each day. It is said that the job of caregiver to the elderly is ranked one of the most depressing vocations there is. In this light, we must examine ourselves as to why the end of the road, so to speak, is not as valuable as the beginning of life. We have to honestly search within to see if we cannot contribute to the well-being of those that reside in a nursing home facility....
Prayer For The Persecuted
Lord, it is not as if you had not forewarned us. The day has come upon us when Your Word took significance. Mat 5:10 "Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Bless me now, O Lord. We are righteous only through the renewing of the Holy Ghost as Christ bore witness. Now we are falsely accused, disdained and criticized to say the least, as You told us this would occur. We have known Your Word as truth from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zechariah, onward from You then to Your servants who walk and preach the...

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