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i love you
when you say "I love you", youíve got to mean it. you donít say it just to please me, you donít say it because it is the right thing to say, you donít say it to make me feel better. tell me "I love you" because your hearts wants you to, because your mind asks you to. tell me "I love you" because that is how you truly feel. tell me "I love you" and tell it to my face. but you canít say "I love you" and leave me, and expect me not to cry.
(originally posted at my friendster blog on 05 September 2005) a man staggered into view reeking with the stench of liquor and bitter disappointment. he fell gracelessly face down the stinking floor he struggled to get up. they were laughing down on him a proud man he was before the object of everyone's envy. the invincible had been beaten oh, how low he had fallen he got this one coming. he saw their twisted glee felt the air thick with shameless gloating suffocating him into numbness. he sought temporary respite you found your fleeting fun. just leave him alone now.
(originally posted at my friendster blog on 19 July 2005) crave. tantalizing, paralyzing. yearning. wavering. learning. succumbing. fumble. mumble. scramble. rumble. slip. grip. gently. tenderly. fervently. passionately. swoon. croon. lost. sweet. sweat. weep. wet. smoldering, burning. searing, burning. Stop. don't... can't... stop... don't... can't... Hush. mush, blush. feverish. flirtatious. stiflingly sensuous. deliriously flushed. frenzied. thrilled. intoxicated. sizzling, burning. sweltering, burning. scorching, burning. crescendo. surrender... silence... insatiable.
(originally posted at my friendster blog on 06 August 2005) gloat with all your might a pyrrhic victory a pittance of a prize you tell the world of your greatness are you convincing us? or deluding yourself? i may have lost but i am never gone i am mocking you by my very existence.

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