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Main blog:incoherent jargon
Birthday:December 11th

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Astrological Sign:Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
Biography/About:i'm a bit quirky. and i really enjoy music.
Likes:music, art, reading, film, writing, simply observing people because it's amusing, thinking too much, taking pictures of the sky and random trees, movie soundtracks, delves into the human psyche, asian/ninja jokes, good covers of already awesome songs, playing any instrument you put in front of me (and will allow me to play, mind you), procrastinating to no end, exercises in sleep deprivation, making lists, mumbling incoherent jargon.
Dislikes:bad covers of good songs, unnecessarily loud and boisterous people, ignorance, arrogance, small talk. other things.
Interests:Music, Reading, Writing, Art, Film

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