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Biography/About:Peter Koeppel is Founder and President of Koeppel Direct, a leader in direct response television, online print and radio, media buying, marketing and campaign management. With a Wharton MBA and over 25 years of marketing and advertising experience, Peter has helped Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs develop marketing campaigns to increase profits.

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Mobile Advertising in U.S. Poised to Grow to $12 Billion in 2012
According to a white paper published by Mobile Media Buying Platform adsmobi, the amount spent on mobile advertising is set to jump from $1.34 billion to $2.01 billion in 2012. Mobile research agency MobileSQUARED has predicted that 155.6 million SmartPhones will be sold in the next 12 months. Android is the leading software platform for SmartPhones and it will continue to hold this position next year. The company currently has a 25 percent market share. Media buyers take note: mobileSQUARED Chief Analyst Nick Lane commented about the new data and said, "The strong growth of...
On-Demand Movies Threaten Traditional Theaters
In what could potentially be the largest entertainment industry battle since the 2007 writer's strike, producers and distributors are looking to fight a growing trend in user behavior: On-demand media. For the first time, movies are being offered through on-demand venues just months after they hit theaters. The first movie in the new distribution platform is Sony's "Just Go With It" which is being offered on DirectTV, pre-empting its DVD release. The release prompted angry letters from dozens of top filmmakers including James Cameron and Peter Jackson. However, 20th Century Fox, Universal...
Google Digital Newsstand Aims at Wooing National Publishers in Apple’s Absence
Google is aiming directly at magazine publishers, and at Apple’s perceived short fallings, with its new Google-operated digital newsstand. With some publishers disappointed in their arrangements with Apple and the iPad, Google seeks to create a better platform with its Android-based system that will offer access to several types of magazines for users. The newsstand would include apps from many different media companies and make it possible to read publications on smartphones and tablet devices running on Android. One of the key considerations is profit margins. Google is promising...
E-tailers Use Strategic Offers, Not Discounts, to Lure Buyers
Internet e-commerce giants are changing the way the game is played as more consumers become more comfortable with shopping online. Typically during a holiday season, retailers respond with deep discounts of 40% or higher in order to encourage sales. However, in the 2010 holiday season, the name of the game changed from bargain basement offers to more strategic promotions. Reducing the amount of discounts and focusing on sending targeted offers to specific groups of people, or creating promotions to encourage more sales, both paid off for many top retailers during the last part of last...

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