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Main blog:Tribes and Vibes
Location:United Kingdom


Body Size:Average
Height:5' 11" (180 cm)
Clothing Pref.:Anything Low-cut

Personal Information

Sexual Preference:Never at dusk
Astrological Sign:Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Existing as:Human
Liquor:Non-alcoholic beverages only
Likes:sunsets; talking to trees; all things created by the Earth Mother really ..
Dislikes:people who complain a lot; people who don't even try to achieve anything new in life
Interests:dark chocolate, tigers, metaphysical stuff, who or what is god, planet conservation, looking after Mother Earth and all in it, on it, above it and below it.

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Rainbow in the clouds
What a great day so far ... Spirit smiled on me in the form of a rainbow in the clouds, and our new website is now open for business too! Tribes and Vibes has been successfully trading on Ebay for a few years now, with excellent feedback and a great reputation for being a responsible Seller, and an all-round nice bloke to deal with :o) When I say "our" website, I am referring to my lovely wife Terri, who also helps me with some photography, some packing, a lot of tea-making and is entirely brilliant at all the admin and paperwork. for Pagan & New Age Jewellery...
New Wesite coming soon
I had forgotten that I had this blog ~ my goodness, so much has happened since I was last on here ... including a heart attack. Seriously! It's amazing how an incident like that can change your perspective on everything. My biggest change~ apart from some eating, drinking and smoking habits ~ was to spend more time with my family. My wife, bless her, is the centre of my universe, always was, always will be, how could I swap her company for so much time at work and on the computer? So, a couple of years on, here we are, working together and spending loads of time together and loving it. We're...
Rainbow Moonstone Pendant
Here's another beautiful piece of jewellery that you will find listed in my eBay shop TRIBES AND VIBES This absolutely GORGEOUS Pendant consists of a 925 Hallmarked Crescent Moon set with a Rainbow Moonstone cabouchon, and a polished Rock Quartz crystal point dangling from the Crescent Moon The Sterling Silver Crescent Moon is approximately 22mm (7/8") at its widest point The Rainbow Moonstone cabuchon measures approximately 4mm (1/8") diameter The visible part of the Rock Quartz Point measures approximately 23mm (7/8") long x 8mm (") at its widest point - it is set into the...
Metaphysical Jewellery
Just one of the Pendants that I am selling in my eBay shop "Tribes and Vibes".It's a beautiful Pentacle Pendant, made from lead-free English Pewter and Enamel, and it can be yours for just 2.45 + P&P . Also available in Red or Mauve. In my shop you will also find ... Symbolic Pendants - Egyptian Zodiac, Runes, Asatru / Viking, Pentacle / Pentagram, Goddess, Native American, Ankh, Dreamcatchers, Reiki Symbol Pendants, Aum / Om, Buddha ... Crystals & Gemstone Jewellery, Crystal Mala & Power Bead Bracelets, Pagan & Wicca Books, Incense, Candles, Smudge Sticks, Silver...

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