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Canadian Computer Problems Delay My Review of "W"
I actually saw the movie "W" on its opening weekend. I banged out my review and turned it in the next day. But due to some technical glitches on my Canadian internet home, it took a while to get it up. That said, I'm pretty proud of this review. Don't really know why. I just feel like it's a good one. It always helps when I don't like a movie for a very specific reason. And this one has plenty. So, check out the review. Hopefully, by now, if you've seen the movie, you've developed your own opinions and can either heartily agree or get violently angry with me. Either way,...
Living the SNL Dream
I know my blogging has slowed to a crawl, for which I apologize to all four of you still checking it on an occasional basis, but I fulfilled a lifelong dream (sort of) last night, and that is reason to do a little blogging. I remember the first episode I ever saw (and comprehended) of Saturday Night Live. 1987. Sigourney Weaver was the host. It's also the episode featuring the classic "Chopping Broccoli" sketch and Weaver strangely singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" with Buster Poindexter. After watching that episode, I began an obsessive streak of recording every single episode of...
Anyone else scared? Really?
So, the Dow Jones just dropped another 700 points. I'm really, really good at denial - better than most, actually - but with these 500, 600, 700 and 800 point drops happening on a daily basis, there is just no way to not be petrified at what is currently going on with our economy. I'm picturing myself dressed in hobo gear, riding the rails and eating in soup kitchens in the next year or so, along with everyone I know, and I'm not too pleased about that. The only thing keeping me from crawling under my desk and curling into the fetal position is the fact that we have people like...
You're Never Too Old to Enjoy "Nick and Norah's Inifinite Playlist"
The Canadians took a few days to put up my latest review of "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist." But it's up there now, and y'all should check it out. Just a quick note about this movie. I know officially we're out of the age range that is supposed to enjoy teen films, but I'm still a kid at heart and the kids in this movie aren't really kids. They're more like early '20 somethings who accidentally were labeled as teenagers. This film, in which the characters run around the Lower East Side of Manhattan (A place I am rather...

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