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Cynthia J. Gruet
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Main blog:cynthiajgruet
Birthday:September 26th
Occupation:Artistic / Creative
Education:Graduate degree
Service Attendance:More than once a week
Location:Philippines, Pasig


Body Size:Few extra pounds
Height:5' 1" (155 cm)
Hair Color:Black Brown
Hair Style:Straight - Short
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Tan
Best Feature:Feet
Clothing Pref.:Conservative
Tattoo Info:Never
Piercing Info:Ears

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Widowed
Astrological Sign:Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 23)
Existing as:Human
Smoking:Trying to quit
Likes:Moderation, decent life, books, writing, DS Lite
Dislikes:Bad language, bad breeding, greed
Interests:Life that contributes to making people better persons

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For the Boy and the Man
“I” WAS "YOU" "I" Hey, how are you? You look like you have a splitting headache. Yet, you keep on moving. Wow! All the noise and the people.” "You" Who are you skinny kid? You kind of sound familiar and well, look familiar too with your thick glasses and beatle-type do. You even have the kind of denim overall with the hammers and screwdrivers pasted on. I had that when I was a kid. "I" Right! Thought I'd drop by to see you. Maybe remind you of how “I” was “You”? I worry, you know. You seem to be running around everywhere. Do you still breathe? "You" What???...
The Pope Emeritus
The Pope Emeritus is quietly resting, praying at Castel Gandolfo. Why do I miss His Holiness? Let me count the ways. One, he is crystal clear on what it is to be a Catholic. Two, he quietly but courageously confronted alleged sex abuses committed by men of the cloth. If he was expected by a livid media to have them burned on the stakes, he serenely took the arrows in stride and instead concentrated on reforms,investigation, and right decisions respecting due process as well. He gave us Catholics reason not to bury our heads in the sand just for being Catholics, by speaking...
Apology and Appreciation
My sincere apology for being sooo remiss in updating my blog. So well appreciated are the comments posted previously from those who follow, including my Facebook posts. Today is a rather quiet day. I am always thankful for such days -- time for reflection, time for little things that have not been attended to. And yes, I will blog more regularly. Belstaff Blouson Women,michael kors shop,Nike Air Jordan,et al thanks a mil!
I do pray that North Korea will consider the bigger and more profound consideration for human lives. I sincerely hope that the test is no more than what they claim it is. I have no understanding of the complexities of the political wranglings and/or implications. All I pray for is that countries, peoples, individuals are safe not being involved as they are in these chaos.

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