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Gigi Ng
General Information

Main blog:iNduLge LiL Gg
Birthday:August 17th
Location:United Kingdom, LonDoN


Vision:Contact lenses
Hair Color:Black
Hair Style:Straight - Long
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Medium Brown
Best Feature:Eyes
Clothing Pref.:No Preference
Piercing Info:JusT eaR pieRciNg >> oNe oN eaCh eaR =)

Personal Information

Family Info:LoVe DaDdy.. LoVe Mummy.. Love Papa.. LoVe Mama.. LoVe VivieN Che cHe.. LoVe ErwiN Kor koR.. LoVe BaBy EuniCe.. LoVe My FaMiLy =)
Astrological Sign:Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)
Existing as:Angel- two wings
Smoking:No Way
Liquor:Social drinker. One or two
Biography/About:My LifE iS a tWisT oF faTe, iN a tiMe oF MagiC n SpaRkLinG dUsT TheRe LivEd a giRl naMed Gigi tHaTs Me wHoSe dReaMs aRe fantasiEs..I can neVer fuLfiLL iT..iT iS tooo wondErfuL foR Me.. i do not deSeRvE anyThiNg spEciaL!CrYinG iS oNe oF My sPeciaL HobbiEs aS i cRy myseLf to sLeeP.. i scReaM whEn i M LoaDeD wiTh RubbiSh iN My head oR wheN i M HaPPy.. I LauGh aNd SmiLe whEn i M haPPy n CraZy ThaTs whEn i feeL fRee Like a BirD..=) i M shy.. don'T eVeR daRe to touCh mY necK i wiLL hurt u! i wiLL neVer forGeT My DaRlinG n chiLdhoodie FriEnds yoU aRe aLL thE besT.. you'Ve heLped Me aLoT iN eVerY WaY n GavE Me the besT!! You wiLL aLL be ReMembEred foReVeR wiTh ALL My heaRT.. aLL the grEaT timEs N memoRiEs toGethEr n aLL tHe CraZy thinGs we'Ve doNe togeThEr.. aLL thE LaugHtHeR n HaPPinEss.. nO MatteR hoW far wE ArE awaY fRoM eaCh otHeR liKe i m Far aWay in ThE suN we wiLL aLwaYs KeeP iN touCh.. yoU ArE aLL veRy much aPpreCiaTed.. MuaKs.. I LiKe goiNg tO tHe PaRK n ThE LibRaRy, visIt LittLe poNy woRLd.. =) I Love Pink iN coLoUr Pink PinK piNk!! LoVeLy.. I LoVe My siBlinGs n My paReNts n My faMiLy.. I haTe MyseLf n i M MaD n CraZy buT i M sTiLL VeRy tHaNkfuL FoR beiNg HeRe wiTh mY loVeLy famiLy.. I wiLL aLwayS tReaSuRe My FamiLy.. I MagicaLLy comEs to LifE n See tHiS beAutifuL woRLd fiLL wiTh sPectaCuLar eNchAntMenT n FaNtaStiC aDveNtuRe.WiTh My couRaGe, hoNesTy aNd IntelligeNcE i aCCompLisH aLL HaRd woRk n DisaSteR^^ aT tHe daWn oF tHe cEnturY oF LifE,mY neTwoRk haS uNfoLdeD, accRoSs tHe gLoBe iN tHe reCeNt PaSt,oF My hiStorY I'Ve eXpeRieNceD daYs oF haRsh wiNds,nights oF raGinG WaVes aNd LonG criTiciSm wHiLe I qUieTLy KePt My oWn CounciL
Likes:miNi mini cuTe cuTe.. funKy buNky MunKy ChunKy! CheeKa booM booM.. fLy aLoNg! =)
Dislikes:Huge huGe horribLe horribLE.. LizaRds ewwW!!! RoaR Roar.. EviL eviL.. Shoo BingA TwisT!
Interests:SaLsA, BaRbiE, My LittLe PonY, syncHroNize sWiMmiNg, FlaMenCo, Fencing, LauGhinG, SmiLinG, CryiNg, ScReaMinG, SprinkLe PixiE DusT, ToMyaM or erMM .. what else Reading-depends on mooD.. hehhe N aLoT aLoT MoRe!!

Personal Favorites

People/Heroes:mm CaRebeaRs.. DaddY Mummy.. Papa Mama.. sTarLigHt! yay.. DoraEmoN~~ wiNk*
Books:My LittLe poNy coLouriNg BooK, Lord of The RinGs, The cHineSe CindeReLLa *touchiNg* MagaziNes ..... loads as long as its interesting not the Sw3eT VallEy Typ3 can already *YucKs*
Authors:DanieLLe SteeL, Sidney Sheldon.. yay!
Bands/Artists:Ed Ed Ed iS oN = EdiSoN! BriT BriT BritNey SpeaRs Yoo Hoo WesTLifE TwiNs~~ yay! CeCeLia CheuNg =)
Songs:My LittLe poNy, 'Wo De JiaO aU', SaGiVo's soNg, or ErM hehhe Any niCe Musics wiLL bEee Fin3 ..=) but Lik3s EdisOn CheN's sonG (moRe LiKe i LiKe tHe PerSoN) altHouGh Som3 ppL thInKs its TerRibLe anD alSo RobeRt MiLes-GooD- =).. My LittLe PoNy, My LittLe PonY, What wiLL toDay'S aDventurE Be? My LittLe PoNy, My LittLe PonY, WiLL therE Be excitiNg sights to See?where wiLL you woNdeR.. HitHeR anD yoNdeR, LettiNg your hearT bE your guiDe, My LittLe PoNy, My LittLe PonY, I'LL bE right bY youR siDe, I'LL be rigHt by youR sidE!!!
TV Shows:OnE tRee HiLL, The aPPrentiCe, BiNg & BoNg, SaGwa, waH Lai toi's 8.30-10.30 seRies, more morE moRe!
Movies:EasT is EasT.. (can LauGh LikE crAzwEee).. My LittLe PonY : thE MoviE, Any nic3 ones and Also AnY moVi3s wiTh EdiSon n tiK iN It hehehheh.. mm anYthiNg tHaT cuTs thrU mY miNd!
Colors:PiNk be Da PiNk beDa PiNk. WhitE ... FreSh MiLk ReD! =) BrowN.. WinKie PixiE^
Pets/Animals:DoggiE doggiE.. *wooF WoOf!
Cars/Motorcyles:ooo AcuRa RSX.. Ferrari ModeNa 360.. MeceDes SLR & SLK.. MadZa RX7.. VoLkswaGen BeeTLe.. so Many Maneee!
Season:eee duN duN duN LiKe wiNter aNd auTuMn.. LiKe M'sia's KiNd whoLe yeAr SuMMer waN.. so niCe no Need to wEaR so ThiCk..
Food:mm HoKKieN Mee.. Mummy's ChaR Siew.. Mama's Lap Mei FaN! ahh no oNe caN beAt tHoSe.. Sanyi'S siEw Piao & KariPap! YoNg Len'S chicKen RicE aNd tHeiR yuM yuM pRaWn Mee.. NaSi goRenG saNtai aNd theiR ABC saNtaI..
Drink:WaTEr!! LiMau aiS KosoNg! SunkiSt OraNge juiCe *No aDdeD sugaR*

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