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Main blog:Live.Laugh.Love.
Birthday:June 17th 1988

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Relationship Status:Married
Astrological Sign:Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
Biography/About:I'm a college student trying to become a doctor. This blog is all about my life until I get there.
Interests:reading, shopping, dancing, singing, volunteering, sleeping, eatingl writing, in no particular order.

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I've Been Wondering...
Don't I make you happy?
I really haven't been on here in awhile. School was very hectic and I had a wonderful spring break, so I just didn't have the time. However, right now my friends aren't around so i'm feeling pretty lonely, and I'm missing my boyfriend because I haven't been able to get in touch with him, so i figured i'd try to get back to documenting my life again. Lately, I've been feeling very depressed. I can't really explain the sadness-in a way,it's almost as if i'm just completely tired of my life. A couple of things in particular are really getting me down. One of those things is the fact that...
Hurt, in more more ways than one.
I realized something today. There's always that one person in your life that can put a smile on your face, no matter the circumstances or the emotions that are weighing you down. Just the sound of their voice eases the tightness in your chest and the hurt you feel in your heart, and if you're lucky enough to be around them when you're feeling so down, their touch has the same effect, times infinity. And even when they aren't around and you can't close your eyes and listen to their voice or ask them to hold you, just thinking about that person does just enough to help you through the...
I am so so so so so sad. i can't even explain. & i know it's not a big deal, & i know my spring break is only a couple weeks away, But when i get my hopes up, i really get my hopes up. sigh.

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