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Ang MRT, si Ashley, ang babaeng nakapula at ang Pilipinas!
I was riding the MRT (yes, the train), my usual commute to our seminar on one of my volunteer day. It could have been another one of those usual days except for two amazing passengers that left me so overwhelmed with the experience. I was standing facing a lady in red, she was seated but kept on looking at someone or something at my back. I really didn’t gave it much attention but then she suddenly stood up and went to the other side. I, on the other hand, felt thankful for the seat that obviously was left for me to take. When I took the seat, I finally saw what she was seeing. It was Ashley...
730 days of adding value to people’s lives and counting…
She smiled at me, and held up her hands. I assumed, she wanted me to carry her, so I reached out and she smiled even bigger. She hugged me so tight, and I asked if she wanted to play, she nodded her head. She weighs so light in my arms, yet I can feel how hard it must been for her to live the way she does. We did face painting, book coloring and hep hep hoorays. She wouldn’t let go of my hands, and I felt overwhelmed and touched by her trust and longing. Ana was her name, 4 years old, among the many orphaned children at the DSWD Center at Quezon City where we held our Feeding Program in...
Rich people are great receivers, poor people are not. We often hear the saying, "It is better to give than to receive", and although I do believe that one must share what he has and be generous enough, I believe the saying is quite unfair. If it takes receiving for the giving to be complete, then why would the other be better than the other? Giving provides the giver happiness and fulfillment. I do agree with this. When you give, whether it be a gift or a helping hand or just a smile, or a love, it goes back to you. And for someone who has given something, I believe the happiness that...
A or B? BOTH!
"Rich people live in a world of abundance. Poor people live in a world of limitations. Of course, both live in the same physical world, but the difference is in their perspective." Do you want a successful career or a close relationship with your family? BOTH! Do you want to focus on business or have fun and play? BOTH! Do you want money or meaning in your life? BOTH! Do you want to earn a fortune or do the work you love? BOTH! Do you want wealth or faith and spirituality? BOTH! Do you want riches or health and wellness? BOTH! Do you want to follow your dreams or be with...

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