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General Information

Main blog:my little helldom
Occupation:Happily unemployed
Education:Some college

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Tattoo Info:none. and not so shocking either.
Piercing Info:four. one on each earlobe, two on "other parts".

Personal Information

Sexual Preference:Never at dusk
Astrological Sign:Cancer (June 22 - July 22)
Existing as:Extraterrestrial
Your Home:Live with another
Biography/About:hi, im faith and im friendly.
Likes:tags on my tagboard; markus; two color combination (i hate anything beyond two colors combined.); jackets; mirrors; guitars; crayons; HALF OF THE WORLD
Dislikes:instant karma; new shoes; clean-looking jeans; eyelash in my eye; THE OTHER HALF OF THE WORLD
Interests:arts, music, photoediting, aparrel designing, disintegration, astral travels, tinkering with anything, bloghopping

Personal Favorites

Books:nine stories, heart in atlantis, Filipino Literature, (when in doubt, consult the) Merriam-Webster dictionary, my high school religion notes
Authors:jd salinger, jostein gaarder, pedro dandan, neil gaiman, stephen king
Music Genres:old-school rock/alternative, nursery rhymes, white noise
Bands/Artists:third eye blind, all time favorite green day, smashing pumpkins, coheed and cambria, taking back sunday, from first to last, the used, cynthia alexander, alanis morissette, the ataris, blink182, chicosci, daphne loves derby, cheese, dashboard confessional, grin department, hungry young poets, imago, incubus, lit, ninedays, nirvana, open hand, our lady peace, pan, yano, presidents of the USA, radioactive sago project, red hot chili peppers, rizal underground, sandwich, silverchair, sugarfree, system of a down, teeth, thrice, thursday, typecast, eraserheads, whew
Songs:good riddance, stumbleine, disarm, emily, take me down, i caught fire (in your eyes), a plain morning, video killed the radio star, i want you, thatnks a lot, slow motion, i miss you, mickey, all else
TV Shows:late night with conan o'brien, just for laughs, magic shows, cooking shows, insomniac, women of wrestling,
Actors:Tom Cruise is hot and so is Johnny Depp.. so is Audrey Tautou and Katherine Heigl and Natalie Portman and Angelina Jolie
Games:insaniquarium deluxe, granny in paradise, bubble trouble (because im retarded as that)
Colors:pink against brown for now.
Pets/Animals:markus and my insaniquarium fish
Season:rainy without flood.
Food:junkies and streetfoods and sweets ever ever
Drink:strawberry tea, rootbeer

Four Most Recent Entries

yeah, like, jesus h. christ. so, it's been what, 1milyonbilyon years since i last updated this. ha! kala mo limot ko na to noh! ha! tama ka! so, have i been that busy? YES. like, no time at all for self-reflection (which is really what blogs are about, isn't it?)? NO. because i somewhat moved... to... ....................................... see you!
ATTENTION ALICE! please po magleave ka naman ng post na open for commenting... hehe. salamat!
wasted years tears and pleading.
he'd never kiss me again the way he kisses his beer bottles.
kase sabi ni ate jiji maangas daw ako.
edi mag-angas!!!

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