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christian grace aguila
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Main blog:christiangrace
Birthday:June 11th
Education:Graduate degree
Location:Philippines, cavite

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Astrological Sign:Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

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In 23 years,I learned to be careful. Careful on what to say, what to do & who we share our lives w/. At times,we will find people who we thought are for keeps.We'd hold on to their promise only to find out they wont be there when you need them most...only to find out that a promise wouldnt be a reality and just a promise for all eternity.We'd meet a lot of people who'd claim that we mean a lot to them but when the circumstances get tough,they wouldnt take your side claiming that things have changed & yesterday's promise no longer holds true.How harsh can that get?From what i know,a...
I am just and ordinary innocent soul trying to find my way out, trying hard to unleash the chains of the past that I can never change. Waking up each day hoping that there is something within my control to brush off the feeling and wash away the thoughts that have always send me to prison slaving me each day for the cuts made yesterday wounds deep and my body failing to heal. Aware of the impossibility to heal, the scars were the least that I could get yet still refused of it, still deprived of healing and not hurting... .. Like a burning candle, I weep as I shed light around the cold...
waiting for 6pm... i couldnt bear it anymore... hope i have enough strength til then to finally make my way home... my stomach is too achy... minutes from now, i might just collapse.. but i have to wait for 6pm... i would have to wait... i would have to hold on and bear with the pain that i fell..
pink white and blue I know, im not the one you're thinking of, Coz i am your past, and i'm gone. So what now? coz i know this will be very hard, To go back in rewind. Coz you don't know what i really mean, You don't know what i really feel, You don't know don't know my name and the pain.. You're my angel in my own heaven, Life is a miracle. Its so surprising, uninviting, i'll never be alone. I know, i'm not the one you're dreaming of, And i'll be home soon for you. So help me, to swallow this bitter pill, So i can fade away. Life to me is very real, a miracle...

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