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General Information

Main blog:dare to love
Birthday:May 12th
Education:Graduate degree
Service Attendance:Weekly
Location:Philippines, cavite

Contact Information



Body Size:Average
Height:5' 1" (155 cm)
Eyes:Dark Brown
Vision:Sun glasses
Hair Color:Black Brown
Hair Style:Wavy - Medium
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Tan
Best Feature:Eyes
Clothing Pref.:Cozy
Undies:Free Willy
Tattoo Info:none for me.. looks dirty to me kasi eh.. plus, if ayaw mo na, mahirap alisin.. henna na lang tayo.. ;)
Piercing Info:ears ears ears.. just one each.. but i want one more sa bandang top ng ear.. i want it.. he wants it too.. wonder if my mom will like it....
More Details:i was just kidding when i said free willy in undies.. hihi.. my clothing preference is really just casual.. =D my best feature? my lovely lady lumps! hahaha! =P

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Never Married
Family Info:i have two darling sisters.. my mom's abroad so my dad's with us.. i have no more grandparents kasi they've all passed away na..
Sexual Preference:Straight/Heterosexual
Astrological Sign:Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Existing as:Angel- no wings
Smoking:No Way
Exercise:Couch potato
Your Home:Live with parents
Biography/About:i was born to reign.. i love reading books.. i also love listening to music.. but i'm not much into jazz.. i loooooooove to eat.. and i'm very madaldal.. ask my poligov prof.. i'm always speaking up in his class even if not asked eh.. i also love my school-DLSU-for all that it is.. i also love to love.. even if it so hurts at times.. i love puppies and dolphins.. i love my sweet and very understanding friends.. i want a car.. the new VW beetle.. can anyone buy me one?.. i like writing poems.. some, however, are crappy kasi badtrip ako nung sinulat ko yung iba.. i love soccer and basketball.. i like basketbal players.. i love soccer players.. i just learned to swim.. get ready, im gonna raid the deep.. =) i'd love to learn how to surf.. darn, that would feel great.. i like eating chocolates and pasta.. oh! and can someone teach me nga pala how to play the drums? ang dami ko kasing crush na drummer, di naman ako marunong mag-drums.. hmph.. i actually like going to church.. nga pala, love pa rin kita.. =D
Likes:books, beach, water, fruit shakes, oishi ridges, pizza, poems, scented pens and stationeries, cameras and pics, banana con hielo ng la casita, ziti ng sbarro, ube and strawberries from baguio, soccer, basketball, hellish black, royal purple, bloody red, chocolates, dolphins, puppies, archers, blue eagles, seventeen
Dislikes:plastics, mean girls, bad guys, posers, piracy, aids, wowowillie, umaaway sa la salle at mga lasallista, liars, cheapos
Interests:books [not textbooks please], johnny depp, rico maierhofer, ty tang, chris tiu, larry fonacier, drummers, Germans, rockstars, beaches, music, food, phones and calling, cameras and posing, flip flops, clothes and shopping, bargain hunting

Personal Favorites

People/Heroes:my mom, dad, johnny depp, memi, jo, kathy, linds, kimi, james, alex, cla, pati, jamie, reg, cheenee, yana, eppie, riz, billy martin, rob bourdon, 'dy
Books:sherlock holmes, bsc mysteries, digital fortress, da vinci code, the testament, harry potter series, everything's eventual, pet sematary, rose madder, bag of bones, sisterhood of the traveling pants series, the clique series, the rule of four, princess diaries, all-american girl, ang paboritong libro ni hudas, svjh, the little price, a little princesss, a walk to remember
Authors:stephen king, dan brown, sir arthur conan boyle, meg cabot, lisi harrison
Music Genres:alternative rock, rnb, pop, punk rock, OPM
Bands/Artists:linkin park, good charlotte, my chemical romance, blink 182, green day, avril lavigne, , simple plan, fort minor, spongecola, cueshe, hale, rivermaya, bamboo, parokya ni edgar, barbie almalbis, kitchie nadal
Albums/CDs:hybrid theory, meteora, under my skin, palabas, still not getting any..., burned cds.. haha!
Songs:una-spongecola, dragonfly-spongecola, kung wala ka-hale, ulan-cueshe, kahit pa-hale, sunday driving-rivermaya, elisi-rivermaya, hallelujah-bamboo, first-lindsay lohan, akap-imago, hiling-paramita, il be there 4 u-bon jovi, helena-my chemical romance, the ghost of you-my chemical romance, hold on-GC, it wasn't enough-GC, believe me-fort minor, why-avril, addicted-SP, all songs-LP.. hehe..
TV Shows:myx daily top ten, myx hitchart, mtv pinkde, mtv pimp my ride, wwe, nba, etc, f, l, hbo, knock first, veronica mars
Movies:moulin rouge, interview with a vampire, the parent trap, big daddy, big fish, the notebook, charlie and the chocolate factory, the phantom of the opera, my sassy girl, windstruck, the classic, mean girls, confessions of a drama queen
Actors:johnny depp, ewan mcgregor, brad pitt, nicole kidman, lindsay lohan, jessica albe, chad michael murray
Sports:basketball, soccer, swiimming!
Colors:royal purple, hellish black, bloody red
Pets/Animals:kisses, munchie, waggles, wiggles, moshie, choco choco, waffles
Cars/Motorcyles:jazz, vios, new beetle, gets, picanto, echo
Season:christmas, summer
Food:baked mac sa debbie's, ziti ng sbarro, garlic bread ng sbarro, actually, lahat ng food sa sbarro =), double cheezy fries ng jollibee, mcflurry, mcfloat, twister fries, mac n cheese ng kenny, chicken afritada ng dad ko, cookies n cream, rocky road, raspberry, chocolate, double dutch, strawberry ice cream, yogurt, potato chips na blue, chippy na blue, oishi cheese ridges, ube jam
Drink:mango + ____ juice and shakes.. actually, kahit plain mango =), cold chocolate with marshmallows, chocolate shakes, iced tea
Quotes:can you make yourself love? can you make yourself be loved?, love is like a war: easy to start, hard to end, what you do speaks so loudly, i can't hear what you say, nothing is too wonderful to be true =D, lovers alone wear sunshine =), life isn't fair.. it's just fairer than death, that's all..
Position:boss, queen, ruler, haha!

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Four Most Recent Entries

i loved you, goodbye..
LOVED.. past na.. umm.. i wasn't talking about people.. i was speaking of this blog.. i am moving out. okay. i'm guessing that you got that one, right? aaah.. i am about to get sentimental here.. visit my new blog huh guys? i'm gonna miss you guys pag di niyo ko binisita dun.. at magparamdam kayo ha? (read: please tag! hehe.. para maramdaman ko naman ang pagdaan ninyo sa blog ko. ) ah, saan ako lilipat? sa blogspot. nabasa niyo ang link? chinitocrazy ayan, tatawanan na naman ako ni jon (in a nice way, of course) kasi heto na naman ako sa pagdaldal about sa...
it's weird
i'm weird. i've gotten total loco over chino. i was searching kanina sa net for pics of him (yes. seeing him every mwf is NOT enough) and stumbled upon a 411 about him having his own yahoo group. i learned just now. sooooo late 'no? anyway, there were stories, kilig moments, inggitan blues, and requests. kaiinggit yung mga haler na naka-pic si chino. sheesh. classmate ko siya pero di ko siya malapitan ng ganun. soo lucky ni cerlaine, whoever she is. groupmate niya daw sa pedance according to duldul. coolie excuse. ipalaganap niyo na lang please number niya. haha! ang funny...
ah badtrip talaga!
fine! if ayaw mo magreply, 'di wag! bahala ka nga! *asus. at feel mo naman alam mo whom i'm referring to. * i'm busy filling up my tummy again with all the chips delight i could stuff it with. i am enraged. and disappointed. hmhm. must pretend that i don't care. today was actually kind of fun. last night, i began studying stat at around 11. i finished at 2 am. the quiz today was easy 'cause the only studying we had to do was memorization. hopefully, i get a high score. hopefully, staring at the chinito (whom i shall not name anymore) in our class would not badly affect my...
saturday nights should be for partying
i'm not partying. i'm going to act the total nerd this whole weekend. why? i'm drowning in all the school work that i have to finish by tuesday. and i have to study pa. grr. but of course i just had to post an entry here. whenever i sit in front of this pc, i am always overtaken by the urge to blog. forgive my weakness. my pinoi paper can wait a few more minutes. last night, i ate to my heart's delight. then i crammed doing my accounting homework. i was up until 2 am. i then slept until 7 am. however, i didn't get up then. i went back to sleep. i rose at about 11 am....

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