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Although I have been working for the past 3 months... I still do not feel at home with what I am doing. I feel that I am heading nowhere with this job, regardless of the training opportunities the HR present to me... No sense of belonging... basically, I hate the environment. No one actually understands how I feel.. no one to talk crap to... I feel quite stifled by the environment I am working in. The scope of job so far is so mandate. Too mandate to my liking. I need some excitement in my job and this stint is not offering any to me at all... Frankly, I hope my job will include...
I need to be patient... but... where can I find this patience I am looking for? Its been tough... I hate the limbo... Hopefully I will find something to do soon...
my opinions on the elections
although i do not need to vote for this round of elections, i feel that people will have to think very hard on the global trends we are facing now. 1. High cost of living thus widening the income gap first of all, this is not a local problem but a global one. Since singapore have an open economy, we will be faced with the same global problem with any country in the world. There are many factors of having a high cost of living. One reason is because of the competition of materials as well as the increase demand of consumer goods. Please do not forget, today there is less land being used...
into the last step....
Today is my last day of school. Last paper... for my entire 4 years of study at SMU. I am feeling super nervous.... Cause I have no IDEA what to expect. It is not like in poly when everything is over, I have something to look forward to... While typing out this entry, I am listening to one of the first few band rep that I learn how to play, the one that inspired me to start it all.... it is actually a very beautiful piece of music, one of my favorites. did managed to get to play it.... quite incredible. i still can remember all the hard work and effort i took to make sure i got it...

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