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It's now 2007. Time flies so fast. 2006 was a so-so year for me. So many things happened during the year. My only brother entered the military academy and was finally recognized last November. My youngest sister entered the University. Her entrance reminds me that soon I'll be counting my white hairs (luckily, i don't have one as of this writing). Our application for NZ has progressed and we're hoping that within the year the whole family will be there. I finished my second degree last October and will be taking the Board this June. Looking at it as it is. . .I am one damn lucky girl. I just...
Incorporation Day
The whole family went to the Academy one weekend to witness the incorporation of my only brother. It is a ceremony where the plebes are finally incorporated with the Upperclass. All dressed in orange shirts, we left our home at around 6am full of excitement but at the same time nervous. We didn't know what to expect but one thing we were sure of. . that we'll finally be with our brother after 3 months of not seeing him. Upon arrival, we rushed to his barracks. Outside his room, we saw our brother. . standing tall and with pride. . waiting for us. I stopped myself from letting a single...
out of insanity
alone in the dark hearing the old wall clock tick-tock seeing the rats scampering watching the cat waiting for the rats the gates opening waiting you enter the room sweating profusely breathing harshly knees trembling the door opened you opened the lights slowly went to the corner gave me a warm hug planted a kiss on my lips i feel secured now -chennette 11sept.2004 3:59am
to my first teacher(s)
THANK YOU . . for the patience of teaching me how to draw a straight line and a curve line . . . .for introducing me to the world of letters and the beauty of reading . . . . . for painstakingly spending the nights with me as we sing "little circle,little circle, big circle, little circle, little circle big circle. . . " while sketching a beautiful teddy . . . . . . .for bringing out the competitive part of me, on not easily giving up on things . . .for instilling at the farthest corner of my brain that never shall I ever allow someone to step on me or me stepping on...

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