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Main blog:Imbalanced Life
Birthday:March 4th 1986
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Relationship Status:Single - Involved
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One month later. . .
after one month of ignoring my blogdrive account, i finally decided to visit this again. i'm beginning to get bored with the usual Friendster thingy. what happened within one month's time? NOTHING. lol. we went to Los Baņos but i did not bother dipping even one finger on the pool. wanna know what's wrong with this pathetic person here? ask me. i've been looking through those pictures of my friends wearing their two-piece bikinis and i ended up envying them. hehehe. i suck right? i've been like this since people started telling me i'm fat. i'm fat. blah blah. 'nough said. better end this...
This and that
Speak when you are angry -- and you will make the best speech you'll ever regret.
On B.C.
Another one. What about giving credits to my fave band "Barbie's Cradle"? So what about them? I started liking BC because my brother listens to them. He even has a crush on Barbie. He'll kill me for this (haha!). I only knew BC through their song 'Tabing Ilog" which I learned through a tv show with the same title. I never thought I'd like them because I was just a kid back then. I listened to pop music like the Spice Girls, Cleopatra and thought I was cool. My college taught me about uniqueness. I was struggling to find the real me. I wanted to discover some things about me which I...
Outside. What's out there? I never thought I'd miss going out but I really miss it, I promised myself that this vacation would all be spent inside my house. That's a thought. I made that pact 'coz I missed my home although I have lived here since I was in Second Grade. Maybe I just missed the old me. The happy me. I'm getting older each day that passed. Next thing I know I'm looking for a job. If by chance, I'll graduate on time. I know my strengths and weaknesses. Back to the thought. The outside. What's out there again? I walked yesterday here in our village. There's no...

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