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General Information

Main blog:bUbUl!c!0uS
Birthday:September 26th 1983
Occupation:Medical / Veterinary
Education:Graduate degree
Service Attendance:Weekly
Location:Singapore, singapore

Contact Information


Body Size:Fit
Height:5' 4" (163 cm)
Eyes:Dark Brown
Vision:Contact lenses
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Hair Style:Wavy - Long
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Tan
Best Feature:Eyes
Clothing Pref.:Hippy/Groovy
Tattoo Info:none
Piercing Info:jus my ears since i was young haha
More Details:hmm get to know me first haha

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Involved
Family Info:jus me n parents wif sis n bro
Sexual Preference:Really Straight
Astrological Sign:Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 23)
Existing as:Angel- one wing
Liquor:Non-alcoholic beverages only
Your Home:Live with parents
Biography/About:i'm jus simple n open-minded...
Likes:humour n honest ppl...
Dislikes:ppl talking bad of me, lies abt me...
Interests:reading, chatting, drawing, play piano

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how did i spend my national day??
Well, my dear and I planned to go jogging today at 9am.. But cos of tiredness and cos we slept late, we didn't.. So we stayed home.. It was sweet and nice to lie next to each other... Moo took pics of me and i liked posing for him and jus being cute for his cam.. hehe.. But then, today i was abit upset cos wen he switched on his dad's laptop, it was a pic of a gal, who is his fren, as the wallpaper.. it tore my heart but he explained tat he liked the pic cos its a great close-up portrait.. and i trust him so why should i even be jealous... plus, moo made it very clear today that he is, and...
my new found addiction
how many of u have handheld gaming consoles?? well i do... and i love it... haha NDS is fun n cool n totally addictive... it was given to me by my darling bf sometime last yr.. i play Hamsterz Life, Nintendogs, NFS, Burnout Legends, Dead n Furious, Super Mario, Mario Kart, Sega Casino, Resident Evil, PacPix, Bomberman and many many more... i love BrainAge and Big Brain Academy totally... its really addictive and trains ur brain... its so so fun... if u dun have it... get it NOW..................................
how can i handle it all
my family has been facing lotsa problems recently.. not financially but more of being a family.. my brother is the main issue here... and i can't take his rudeness... when my parents talk, he'll jus play his psp or read a book or pretend not to hear... the reason y i'm blogging tis late is cos i'm crying n very upset with what happened earlier... my dad found my bro's bill of $1900 jus handphone alone... my dad was upset n asked him y is it so much... so the normal stuff like 'y can't u be more responsible' n 'y can't u talk less' n 'y can't u find a local girl n stop seeing tis filipino...
lately everything is stressful to me... yes poor little bubu... so stressed over studies and family... everything else is fine for now... study wise, it aint going smooth... i simply cant understand the topics... hai... dunno wad to say also about family... brother is getting out of hand and he doesn't wan to talk... hai.. oh well... keep praying for little bubu... God bless all of u...

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