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I bet you can not guess
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Main blog:Thought
Birthday:July 27th 1985
Education:High school, Some college, School of life
Service Attendance:Weekly
Race/lineage:White / Caucasian
Location:United States, Tennessee, Cleveland

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Body Size:Thin
Height:5' 9" (175 cm)
Eyes:Hazel Green
Vision:No assisted eyewear
Hair Color:Dark Auburn
Hair Style:Straight - Short
Facial Hair:Goatee
Skin Tone:Light
Undies:Boxers - Cotton Knit
Tattoo Info:Nope
Piercing Info:None

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Never Married
Sexual Preference:Straight/Heterosexual
Existing as:Human
Smoking:No. But not bothered by it
Your Home:Live at the dorm

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It has been a while.
Yeah so it has been awhile. Since I posted here there is a number of reasons. I got Myspace. That is one reason the other is just school and that I started keeping a real journal. I just posted some new photos so check it out. Leave me a 'ment. Later.
This is the truth
In 2000, 857,475 legal induced abortions were reported. The abortion ratio for 2000 has approximately returned to the levels reported in 1974. The ratio was 246 legal induced abortions per 1,000 live births, compared to 256 in 1999. (This is almost 1/4 of the possible population) Most abortions were obtained by white women, unmarried women, and women less than 25 years of age. As in previous years, about one-fifth of women who had abortions were 19 years old or younger. Of the women who had an abortion, 39 percent were known to have had no previous live births. All information retrived...
Post Folk
Yeah so i am on this post folk kick for some reason. I have been listening to Songs: Ohia and Mountain Goats they are both so good. You should download this song Blue Lights from Songs: Ohia it is great. While you are at it you should check out the The Mountain Goats song Family Happiness it is o so good. Yes yes, you shall enjoy this music and if you do not you probably do not have "good taste" in music. O well, not everyone can be as good as me. But just in the case that you do check this site out.
Take This
Here are some pictures from the war in Iraq. Think about that.

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