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Atheist soldier holds up against military harassment
Real toughness: going against the chain of command when you're an atheist Funny, first time in a while I saw an article I felt I should link. The sad part is, his beliefs don't affect how he does his job. Nor does he proselytize his atheism. Far from it: he just wants to live and let live. It's the other soldiers who call him names and hound him. Typical irrationalist behavior, in my opinion. After all, religion has been behind much of the conflict in human history, including the Bush War.
Catching up
Well, it's been quite a while since I've posted anything. I've found work, for UL (Underwriters Laboratories). They'll determine the actual position when our class of five are done with training, but it'll be in customer service. Should be an interesting company to work for. Observation: Hillary Clinton should take lessons from her husband on smiling naturally. Every time she smiles, she reminds me of Beaker from "The Muppets." Oil may back off for a while, same with other commodities, but longer-term the price will be going up, because the so-called "developing world" is finally,...
Happy Election Day!
Now get out there and vote! This is the day that makes everything else work, so let's do our part. Even if there aren't a lot of great things to vote on this year, do it anyway.
Hello, kitty!
Science has largely decoded the feline gene code That's good news. As the number of decoded sequences becomes larger, our chances of finding cures for many human diseases grows. Cats came a bit late in the order, because they aren't quite as common as a laboratory animal and they aren't quite as close to us as some animals. Still, it's a nice step.

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