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Main blog:ELAH
Birthday:September 23rd 1985
Location:United Kingdom, London

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Body Size:Average
Height:4' 11" (150 cm)
Eyes:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Best Feature:Eyes

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Relationship Status:Single - Never Married
Sexual Preference:Really Straight
Astrological Sign:Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 23)
Existing as:Angel- no wings
Biography/About:I'm a bitch when i need to be but i got mad LOVE if ya cooL with me ^_^
Likes:FriendLy peepz with good sense of humor
Dislikes:Lout person,Jerk; Backstabbers; Social Climber; 2face; GurLish
Interests:Guitar, Music, Gunbound (mEztEeZa), TagaLog Kowtz, Dancin', Computer & MObiLe

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... some stuff ... like wOt? .. reminiscin da past ??
as you can see i put some stuff here .. like some opm videos i really like ... dunno why i'm liking opm songs these days .. they're cool and most of their song soothes me .. hehehe .. dont tell me i do the emote thing .. naaah .. enuff of those dramas ... i'm fed up really ... i miss him but i cant be with him anymore .. it hurts a lot coz he's my first love .. yesss i remember when we're still young and i had this huge crush on him .. buh i didnt tell him coz you know we're best of friends .. we grew up together and stuff .. i wonder wat will happen if we see each other in 2...
it's been awhile ..
yap, its been awhile since the last post .. i didnt have time to post here bcoz i got busy .. ya know .. errrm .. news .. news .. well yeah , i fink i'm single agen, well cant tell really, mah bf and i dont tok dat much now, we dont even text each other .. well since i told him dat im not goin back in phili next year .. y? well i said i got too many probs .. and one of ma probs is bout him .. and yeah .. i dont feel like goin back there really ... i think i'm liking london now .. lolx ... shocking innit? coz i oweiz whinning & complaining to mah parents before that im goin...
Wonder [Embrace]
hahahaha check this out ... well i kinda like it ... another song from Smallville [season 1] All the signs were there for me to see If I cry out with fear I'll feel more afraid So beat the sense back into me 'Cos you are like forbidden fruit out of my reach And I forgot what I had sometimes But if everyone has their shot and moves on And you can't get out the way Well it's you wonder will save You were mine and now you're mine to want And I knew if you'd cut the cord And rushed like balloons I'd fall It's criminal to pause As you basked in the season of I had...
Breathe [Greenwheel]
Honestly i dunno this band .. i mean the one who sung this song but i kinda like it ... i download most of their song and this one is my fave ... as usual its from the tv series Smallville [season 1] again ... I Played the fool today And I Can see us vanishing into the crowd Longing for home again But home Is a feeling I buried in you I'm alright I'm alright It only hurts when I breathe And I can't ask for things to be still again No I can't ask for you To offer the world through your eyes Longing for home again But home Is a...

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