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RBC - Session 15 and 16
Session 15: 11-03-2011 It's the second month benchmark day. How well did I do..? Well, managed to reduce my time to 13 mins and 56 secs for the first part and 13 mins and 45 secs for the 1.6km run. Not bad... Not bad... ;-) Session 16: 14-03-2011 It's raining drizzly when we arrived at the field. So, mud spa day it is.. We're divided into our group today based from the benchmark result and I'm in Sea|! H00yah! ;-) So, there were 3 stations today. The first one involved sandbags. We did push up, mountatin climbing and chest press (hold the sandbag in front of you and pull it up to your...
RBC - Session 13 and 14
Session 13: 07-03-2011 The starting of month number 2.. It was an easy session today.. Just doing some intervals of sit ups, kicks, scissors sit ups, and then run towards the basketball court - almost 100m back and forth (as they always say, it's the recovery run). Then come back, and do stutter squats, squats, jumping jack and run again. Next, push ups, grasshopper push ups, slide push ups and again, run.. Since bootcamp promotes working in a team, we had to make sure that all of us are at the same pace. During the running, if there's people left behind, we need to bounce back and get...
RBC - Session 11 and 12
Session 11: 02-03-2011 We had 2 sets of workout today. The first one we started with 30 push ups, then run for 100m. Then straight away 30 grunts, then run again. Then 30 sit ups, then run again. Repeat that until Sarge said, "Steady!". And water break for 2 minute.. Next, 30 gorilla push ups, run. 30 squats, run. 30 monk sit ups, run. Repeat sampai lembik until "Steady!" Seriously I hate running on the field. It's more tiring because of the uneven surface and because the legs were already like jelly after the grunts and everything. I still couldn't figure out why they call it as...
RBC - Session 10
28-02-2011 Survived Monday! We did relays of squat, deep squat and run. Then jackknife and sit up and run. Then push up, table top and run again. Then squat, jumping jack and run. Last one is mountain climbing, grunt and the final run. Repeat this a few times for almost 50 minutes until you hear the word, "Steady!" It feels like forever! The running was actually around the field, so it was 200m running. Crazy! And they called it "recovery run". How is it recovering? I don't know. Legs felt like jelly, but I kept on telling myself, "I can do this!". I looked at Suaran and gosh this woman,...

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