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General Information

Main blog:Beyond the pale
Birthday:May 1st
Location:United States, Seattle
0ccupation:I write things.


Body Size:Average
Height:5' 2" (157 cm)
Eyes:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Brown
Skin Tone:Medium
More Details:There were a lot of strange questions in this section of the profile. Like what kind of undies one wears. Good god. That would fall under the category of privileged information. I don't write with my undies. I don't share them with strangers.

Personal Information

Family Info:Three exceptionally beautiful and brilliant children- Connor (8) Kate, aka Principessa Katerina Jellybeana (18) and Ian, The Amazing Ghost Boy. Gone from me, but still mine. Don't argue.
Likes:Books. Food. Lighting fires.
Dislikes:Don't get me going. People who say "anyways." It is not a goddamned word. Ever. Internet abbreviations, especially ppls, peeps and lol. u r. that stuff. awful. Worse yet are moronicons- those little yellow smiling tennis ball faces that litter internet writing. Every time I see one I want to gouge my own eyes out. I wish death to the smiling tennis balls.
Interests:Writing, books, cooking, reading, ghosts, life in general
Home:Dysfunctional joy. Happy children. Barely controlled chaos. Broken cupboards and malfunctioning doors. Exploding water pipes. Waterfall and treehouse out back. Dandelions running amok. Three ghosts and one cat. Bonfires in the garden. Red sauce on Sunday.
Character flaws:Short attention span and procrastination. I am, for instance, already bored with filling out my profile. A few minutes ago this seemed like fun. I might finish this later. Or not.

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 a pale space

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Blogging doesn't work for me
It sounded like an interesting thing, initially. I thought perhaps it would be good for my writing. A different medium, that would take my words in new directions. Inspire me to a certain fearlessness. It did not. I am not a bloggy person. My short stories, I am hording, getting ready for the book. And Iím at a time in my life where I simply feel like keeping things to myself. I write a story, I file it away. Mine. I do not want to share my words. I am not certain why. I am not a political sort of person. I am not inclined to write commentary, or journalistic posts of current events....

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