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ivi rodriguez
General Information

Main blog:august child
Birthday:August 29th 1985
Occupation:Sales / Marketing
Education:School of life
Service Attendance:Weekly
Location:Philippines, ormoc city

Contact Information



Body Size:Average
Height:5' 5" (165 cm)
Vision:No assisted eyewear
Hair Color:Black
Hair Style:Curly - Medium
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Tan
Best Feature:Legs
Clothing Pref.:Cozy
Tattoo Info:none
Piercing Info:3 in my left ear; 2 in the right

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Never Married
Family Info:big, happy, can't get enough of each other.
Sexual Preference:Really Straight
Existing as:Human
Smoking:No. But not bothered by it
Your Home:Live alone
Biography/About:if i were to follow the magazine quizzes, i am a drama queen. i live in click-ish moments everyday, characterized by always looking forward to the end of the day. in simpler terms, i hate my job.
Likes:music, film, the beach, water sports, my family, dragonflies, books, wind chimes, my friends, taking and collecting pictures, writing, my blog, clouds, fireworks, violin, ice cream, sneakers, plain tees, leather bracelets, foot spas, the tread mill, being in strange places
Dislikes:anything that puts on my tantrum mode
Interests:music, film, the beach, water sports, my family, dragonflies, books, wind chimes, my friends, taking and collecting pictures, writing, my blog, clouds, fireworks, violin, ice cream, sneakers, plain tees, leather bracelets, foot spas, the tread mill,

Personal Favorites

People/Heroes:at the moment, i'm liking people who stood up/stand up for what they want/ed and believe/d in -- mahatma gandhi, siddharta gautama, martin luther king jr, nelson mandela, rosa parks, norah jones, butch dalisay, natalia diaz, christina noble, bono, my grandmother, my father, the strangers in the streets, volunteer teachers, red cross volunteers, my friends vera and jane, Jesus
Books:the God of Small Things, Cider House Rules, The World According to Garp, To Kill a Mockingbird, Memoirs of a Geisha, Falling Leaves,
Authors:arundhati roy, john irving, arthur golden, adrian tan, garcia marquez, charles dickens, adeline yen mah
Music Genres:OPM, baroque rock/pop, alternative, ska, jazz, instrumental, a little bit of rock, pop rock, a little bit of reggae, blues, a little bit of emo rock, grunge, a little bit of punk
Bands/Artists:broken social scene, badly drawn boy, the arcade fire, updharmadown, bamboo, joss stone, sometimes billie holiday, nina simone, elliot yamin, a LOT others
Albums/CDs:updharmadown's fragmented, bamboo's light peace love, paramita's tala, cynthia a's rippingyarns, dashboard confessional's unplugged, sugarfree's sa wakas, and a lot others
Songs:too long a list
TV Shows:iron chef america, deal or no deal, the simpsons, on the lot, friends (reruns forever), elimidate, randow shows in 2nd avenue, ETC, CNN
Movies:what my memory allows me to type in here: big fish, anna and the king, schindler's list, the pianist, father of the bride 1 & 2, mighty ducks 1, 2 & 3, jurassic park 1, my date with drew, 50 first dates, fever pitch, godfather 3, gone with the wind, you've got mail, as good as it gets, something's gotta give, out of africa, stepmom, almost famous and a lot (i'm hungry!)
Actors:drew barrymore, scarlett johannsen, kate winslet, kate hudson, keira knightley, naomi watts, jim carrey, robin williams, meg ryan, adam sandler, cameron diaz, adam brody, roberto benini, tom cruise, giovanni ribisi, julia stiles, kirsten dunst, stephen zahn, jeanne gurrafalo
Games:tag and hide and seek, zuma
Sports:water sports.. try here, try there: loved the hobbie cat ride, intro dive, jet-skiing (the best!), snorkeling
Colors:earth colors, black
Pets/Animals:dogs dogs dogs!
Cars/Motorcyles:i don't drive anything
Season:Christmas and Holy Week
Food:everything, except for veggies
Drink:water, coffee when sleepy
Quotes:i only go through life once! no regrets at 30!
Position:no longer a new graduate

Other Blogs I Author

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i'm somewhere else
i am a weblog transient. i'm currently trying to keep still at http://www.ilovemyupper.blogspot.com
pink looks pretty there!
yet to advise (goodbye in advance)
there is something about home that makes you not miss it. wait. it's not about home. it's about you. growing up. it's home you do not miss. but you cry for those who make it such. wish you could take them anywhere. for now, photos and thoughts will have to do. search me everywhere. read me at.
the other (and perhaps true) side of UP
today, i read Patricia Evangelista's column at the Opinion Page of Philippine Daily Inquirer. digression: i've always had respect for her since she won for the Philippines (and for herself, since that paved the way for her for a lot of opportunities) in that international english-speaking competition in london (for the loathing of my memory, i've no such thing as specifics) but her short stints at Young Star and at Studio 23's Breakfast show, didn't really earn it. i'm glad she's in "higher" grounds now, her column sitting beside those of conrado de quiros and randy david, a once-upon-a-time...

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