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Ayu Maslina
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Main blog:A Journal of Life
Birthday:December 1st 1981
Occupation:Financial services
Education:Graduate degree
Service Attendance:More than once a week

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Biography/About:Me, Myself and I:- * philosophy, idealism, religion, spiritual growth * optimism, positive outlook, forward planning * travel, freedom of movement, the outdoors * honesty, justice, morality * imagination, aspirations, open-mindedness * wit, intellect, flashes of intuition * generosity, pleasure, romance
Likes:Hi. I'm a fun and energetic person and having moderate motivation to exercise every day, and I have many friends who are unique, diverse individuals, not cliques. I am a socially active person. I am satisfied with my works and when I seem to go downward I always try to get myself back up, though sometimes it might take a couple of days to bring myself to be energetic, happy and enthusiastic enough to boost my grades back up. I have been told that I am attractive many times. I am a very enthusiastic and extreme person when it comes to things that interest me, things that I find worthy, unique, or with distinctive style or intellect.
Interests:Art & Musics

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