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General Information

Main blog:Entrapment
Birthday:August 5th
Education:High school, Bachelors degree, Graduate degree
Service Attendance:Rarely
Location:United States, New York, New York

Contact Information



Body Size:Slender
Height:6' 1" (185 cm)
Vision:No assisted eyewear
Hair Color:Dark Brown
Hair Style:Wavy - Medium
Facial Hair:Stubbly
Skin Tone:Light
Best Feature:Eyes
Clothing Pref.:Nude
Undies:Free Willy
Tattoo Info:Tattoo in French is tatouage. Tattoos rarely provide useful information, rather they are often regarded as providing an enhanced individual identity. Unfortunately, individualism is probably one of the forces most likely to destroy the planet.
Piercing Info:Piercing things is difficult and dangerous; often it is when a person imagines they have pierced a difficult concept that they close themselves to further knowledge.
More Details:Using corrective lenses may allow more detail to be perceived, but improvement of concepts is necessary to add detail to world view.

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Never Married
Family Info:Family members are the easiest to know and perhaps the hardest to provide real care for. There are simply too many preconceptions present for most family relationships to develop well.
Sexual Preference:Often
Astrological Sign:Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)
Existing as:Human
Smoking:No. But not bothered by it
Your Home:Live with roommate(s)
Biography/About:My mother was always telling me about biographies and how I ought to read more of them; that's when I developed my
Likes:People, Running, Fencing, Visual Art, Literature, Philosophy, Utopian Dreams.
Dislikes:Tiredness, Inability to access piano in times of need, Smearing of pencil caused by left-handedness, Monogamy, The Distance Between Us
Interests:Good conversation, people who tell me I'm wrong and why, people I imagine I can help, real relationships (a relationship is real if your world wouldn't make the same sense after its end)

Personal Favorites

People/Heroes:I was supposed to seperate these things with semicolons!?!? Crap! oh... I'm a people... I have to say I've become really suspicious of the concept of a hero of late. It seems to me we don't give enough credit to the people we know best.
Books:In a Different Voice, For Us The Living, Siddhartha, The Prophet, Microserfs, Being and Nothingness, Phenomenology of Spirit,
Authors:Robert Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Jacques Lacan
Music Genres:Solo piano, Jazz of all kinds, Rock light to medium, Philosophical lyrics are important, Romantic period was good.
Bands/Artists:Al Jarreau, Cake, Benny Goodman, Aurturo Sandoval, The Who, Dragonforce, Billy Joel, John Williams
Albums/CDs:I don't buy CDs.
Songs:Driving in a Circle, Dessafinado, Pardon Me, Pinball Wizzard, Juke Box Hero, The Distance
TV Shows:Not Applicable
Movies:The idea of the movie is more important to me than its execution. If I think the movie meant to be good, that's enough. I also like to laugh at satire and irony, and cry about loss and the tragic habits of a species that could otherwise love.
Actors:The most important ability of an actor is the ability to express the difficulty of a choice they have to make in character.
Games:Chess, Scrabble, Boggle, Campy Body-Games, Occupy Wall Street.
Sports:Frisbee, Volleyball, Swimming, Golf, Snorkeling, Soccer, Tennis. I never want to play competitive sports again, unless I can figure a way to sabotage the competitive spirit while playing.
Colors:Colors go well together. A world in which everything is blue would be described exactly the same by its residents as a world in which everything is green.
Pets/Animals:I'm not really that interested in pets. They are irresponsible in a world where there are many people who need just one good relationship to turn a nonsensible & hard world a sensible & soft one.
Cars/Motorcyles:Having a car would stifle my adventures. Also, I'm not sure the world is warming, but I'm sure it could be, and it seems likely that if it is, we won't know for sure until it is too late to reverse.
Season:Spring or Fall. I love rain on my face and wind in my hair.
Food:I'm a vegan now, not because I care about animals very much, but because eating meat represents a huge use of energy that is simply not necessary. There is no animal that's flesh yields calories more efficiently than some plants do.
Drink:Water. No Ice. From the tap. Yes, I'm sure. If you drink with me, I'll not soon forget.
Quotes:"here was an unfamiliar voice, the disciple of an unrecognized god, hiding his identity (for the time being) under the skullcap of the scholar" Nietzsche, the Birth of Tragedy, III, "I is an other" Lacan, Ecrits, Aggressiveness in Psychoanalysis
Position:Slouching on a couch, staring through you, wondering how long until our relationship reaches comfort with physical holding.

Four Most Recent Entries

What's in a Theme? What's in this one?
All right. Here's where I try to explain what I'm doing with this "entrapment" business. Not in really clear terms; I'm not sure of it yet and don't want to solidify anything that might still be improved, but clear enough that myself or a curious person might look here to find out or remember what's being attempted. An experiment to answer questions: How is it that people get comfortable with each other? How is it that someone's role in our life changes a distant one to a close one? Is there some general process at work here? What thinking happens between the moments where someone is a...
Change of Space
I'm going to try and make this site over today. There was a time "Intellectual Space" was what was lacking in my life. Now it isn't. Something else must be found.
An Analysis of a Type of Experience: Beginning-of-Game Mind–Finger –KerPlunk-Stick Interactions
There’s strangeness to writing here now. Whereas I once used this place to visibly ignore the questions of real people, exercising a freedom to do my own thing out of spite, and thereby gaining a sense of joviality, I cower now from the potential echoes of projections into the excuseless void. I hear, in interweb whispers, banter before games, and strange conversations too late to recall well, that there’s a veritable field of study related to the beginning of strategy games. People in the know, I guess, categorize different possible runs of a game according to the ways in which people...
Thoughts about later
What was I trying to do with this place again? Who is it that's going to show up here next? Maybe let me know. Suddenly I'm done with undergraduate schooling. Said to someone a few days ago I that I guess I'm supposed to be done with the part of school that's a process of discovery; supposed to move on to school as skill-acquisition. Some thoughts about that follow. Somewhere in that undergraduate process I remember reading an essay about how my generation is characterized by its being "post-everything". That is, what makes us a generation is our refusal to take a stand on anything; if we...

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