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Con Te Partiro
It is time.
Google Chrome
is like a pokeball. I dunno why firefox has been fucking up my page file usage (and thus computer speed) but if this continues I'm gonna switch.
So I went to Dartmouth for Tuck Business Bridge. I went in with the low, low expectation of just to meet people and to be inspired by them. And that I did lah. They people there very cool one! Especially the internationals. We had our Chinese-speaking bunch which included students from Kenya and Louisiana :) Tuck was intense. They tried to cram like a semester's worth of work into four weeks -- accounting, finance, economics, marketing, strategy. We had 6 hours of classes per day, and lots of homework for after. But sometime around my second week I realized that as crazy as Tuck...
Risk Dice-Roll Probabilities
So I'm a nerd, and I compute risk dice-roll probabilities in my free time. Defense Attack Defense Win Tries Defense Win % Number of dice 1 1 Number of tries per die 6 6 6 6 100% 5 5 6 83% 4 4 6 67% 3 3 6 50% 2 2 6 33% 1 1 6 17% Total 21 36 58% ...

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