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Main blog:Poetry by A.J.Rao
Birthday:June 15th 1949
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There is nothing stable about our old days With a television uproar, a sea that kills And rolls on as a child's eyes turn pearls Suffering a sea-change as they run deep. But the noise outside is just an uproar That turns quiet like sea run out of moon. A child is violated in an uproar of the veins. The sea's writ runs largely in the sea bed. As green bones ride tumult up and down And sea waves take them down in crowds. Eyes are unsaleable pearls after the uproar. (A 5-year-old was raped and beaten for days before being rescued, police said on Friday)
The chrysanthemums are stars of a sun Taking sun light from wind and worms A bouquet to no one except an earth pot Its mother of womb, softly under water In earthly fragrance of mother and wind. A sky overlooks from a blue parapet wall Topped with a Krishna-black granite like Lake mirroring shore trees,in the evening . Like sky-stars they seem to last for ever.
I cannot go to sleep for lack of evidence. The world is alive in a dog's bark tonight. A Dawkins daughter-to letter is evidence Of a lack of evidence for not sleeping. A buzzing mosquito is material evidence Of its aliveness and my wakefulness. The dog's bark is a collateral evidence. These tidbits-they add up to a lack of girl. This my typing is evidence the girl is dead And flying as a thing to embrace her fire Amid a thousand candles that had walked A sorrow enacted, a mime staged in dark. The young woman whose rape and torture by six hoodlums on a Delhi bus shook a nation’s...
Read now or later is a question settled. Afterwards is comfortable with enough Provision for sleeping conscience now Waking up and now back in the annals Of recent past history, lull you sure can. In the night is a light pouring on words Pouring by the dozens from alien spaces. In Singapore certain meat keeps crying. But not right now , I will read this later In readability companion of light words. It is a long read for later in the evening And I go to sleep with conscience at rest.

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