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Jason H. Weber, ESQ
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Birthday:January 1st 1978
Location:United States, Florida, Miami

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Biography/About:As a Miami-based law firm, Xander Law Group has Miami business litigation attorneys providing passionate, results-oriented representation to business owners, entrepreneurs and others in a broad range of business law matters, focusing on Business Law, Immigration Law, and Appellate Law.
Interests:Business Law, Immigration Law, Appellate Law, Association Law, Commercial Litigation, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, Appellate Litigation, Asset Protection, Intellectual Property, White Collar Crime, Family Law

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Learn more about Florida civil appeals and criminal appeals, visit our blog.


Business immigrationIf you are looking for experienced immigration lawyer in Florida who will assist you with your visa process may it be for employment, business, or investor visas, Xander Law Group, P.A. has over 40 years of combined experience not only as business law and appeals lawyer but also as visa lawyer in Miami, Florida. Read more about Xander Law and how they can help with your Immigration cases. Learn more >
Criminal AppealsThere are five stages exist in criminal cases: 1) pre-trial discovery and motions; 2) resolution via trial or plea of guilty/ no contest; 3) sentencing; 4) direct appeal; 5) collateral attack using post-conviction motions. Subsequently, many criminal cases, the appellate and post-conviction process takes longer to resolve than the time from when a defendant is charged until he is sentenced. In effect, the Miami appeals lawyers at Xander Law Group can assist you in determining whether an error may have occurred in your case which is subject to remedy on appeal or by post-conviction motion. Learn more >
Civil AppealsDisputes concerning business matters, commercial transactions, real estate, personal injury, family law and a myriad of other matters are all covered under the broad term of civil appeals. Civil appellate practice is essentially the appeal of any matter which does not originate in a criminal prosecution. To meet the demands of this process, the appellate team at Xander Law Group, P.A. consists of several experienced attorneys that are prepared to evaluate your case and assist in any capacity possible. Learn more >
Asset Protection
Commercial LitigationWhether you are concerned about enforcing an agreement, are involved in commercial fraud, or need defending in a suit filed against you, we are ready to aggressively protect your interests in a variety of commercial litigation matters. While coming to a resolution prior to trial is more advantageous, there are times that trial is unavoidable. Contact Miami commercial litigation attorney Jason Weber to schedule a free consultation to learn about your legal options. Miami commercial litigation attorney Jason Weber has the experience necessary to protect your interest. >

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