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Contact Information

General Information

Main blog:XRevengeX
Birthday:April 11th 1989
Education:High school
Service Attendance:More than once a week
Race/lineage:Native American
Location:United States, Oklahoma, Farifax


Eyes:Dark Brown
Vision:No assisted eyewear
Hair Color:Black
Hair Style:Straight - Medium
Skin Tone:Fair
Best Feature:Eyes
Clothing Pref.:Gothic
Tattoo Info:I want two guns pointing downward with MCR in between.
Piercing Info:None yet
More Details:Nothing else i dont think

Personal Information

Family Info:They suck. =)
Sexual Preference:Straight/Heterosexual
Astrological Sign:Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Existing as:Vampyre
Smoking:No. But not bothered by it
Liquor:Social drinker. One or two
Your Home:Live with parents
Biography/About:Okay. I tend to have a quirky sense of humor, i LOVE vampires, and in the process of becoming satanic, Im pretty much obsessed with My Chemical Romance, Music is life, im fascinated by Garden Gnomes, Cemeteries pretty much rock, Im not Gothic, Nor am i "emo",I get hit on by carnys, I dislike cowboys, im a Myspace addict, Yes i know its sad, I like faux pearls, oversized jewelery, my messengers rule, my friends are better than yours, people follow me, more to come.
Likes:Music. Movies. Friends. Myspace. My Chemical Romance<33. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Gerard Way. The unusual. Cemeteries. Books. Hazel eyes. Red. Drawing. FUSE. Old horror movies. New horror movies. Flyleaf. Tim Burton. Supernatural. The strange and macabre. Payday. Hot Topic. Band shirts. Bandannas. Studded accesories. Cats. Wicca. Black. Unfunny jokes. Posters. Black ribbon. Cameras. Dr.Pepper. Mausoleums. Resident Evil. HTML. Strawberry. Printers. Vampires. Anne Rice. Stephen King. Corpses. CSI. Forensic Pathology. Writing. Breaking stuff. Big fake jewelry. Scarves. Belts. Flashy makeup. Haunted Houses. Halloween<33. Coffee. Dead Roses. Skulls. Skeleton gloves. Fingerless gloves. Bats. Striped socks. Blood. Vintage. Basement parties. Schizophrenia. Sunsets. Polaroids. Skateboard parks. Masking tape. Suicide letters. Bandaids. Safety pins. Street fights. Mosh pits. Air raid sirens. Restraints. Fall. Will and Grace. Ripped Tshirts. Wrapping paper. Sunglasses. Meteors. Tarot cards. Burning crosses. Styrofoam cups. Lottery tickets. Jew jokes. Southeast Asia. Powerlines. Catatonic grandparents. Yearbooks. Clock radios. Teen hotlines. Novelty keychains. Satanic rituals. Quija boards. Ghost hunting. Rallies. Picket signs. Mental asylums. Waverly Hill Sanatoriums. All sanatoriums. Crazy people. Protective helmets. Counting tiles. Hotel elevators. Purple jews. Converse. Macaroni and Cheese. Pushing buttons. Notusingspacewhenitype. Machetes. Swords. Oompa loompas. Mannequins. Hairdye. Sharpies. Severe Thunderstorms. Fake pearls. British slang. Eyeliner. Pogs. The old lady and her house. Popsicles. Ripped pants. Video games. Anime. Slinkys. Amature movie making. Unused scripts. PETA. Ties. Guys kissing. Well actually Emo guys kissing. Scaring christian school kids with morbid conversations. Black nail polish. Hoodies. My obsession with MCR. Guys that wear makeup. Oversized bracelets. Tatoos. Piercings. Mohawks. Wierd noises. Randomness. Throwing things at people. Taking pictures. Trying to make English gaurds move. DVDs. Randomly slapping people. Doing odd things in public. Making people think im a psycho in elevators. Imaginary friends. Screaming at random people i dont know. Skateboards. Concerts. Deep wounds. Death. Lawn Gnomes. Demons. Evil spirits. Soccer. Night. Life on the Murder Scene. Vans(shoes). New Jersey. Gore. Horror. The Breakfast Monkey. Insanity.
Dislikes:Posers. Bags. Traveling. Haters. Facebook. Pink. Cowboys. Cowgirls. Hay. Fairfax. People with small minds. Romance movies. Ashlee Simpson. Hilary Duff. Tom Cruise. Animal abusers. Curfew. Yellow. Therapists. Weddings. Drama. Most people. Liars. Obnoxious kids. Mostly all kids. Bugs that fly. Babies. All really dumb people. Rap. Country. Creepy old men. Chocolate. Orange people. Fake tans. Tans in general. Siblings. Blank, white walls. Pop ups. Being hot. The name Harry, Ron, Bob. Small towns. Cigarette smell. Underwear Thieves. Gangsters. Sock stealers. Memories. Lava lamps. Cheesy people. Being nice. Barbie. More than likely you. Homophobes. Confusion. Family get to gethers. Holidays. Aside from Halloween. Having to be extremly social. Pushy religeous people. They suck. People who think they know me. 14 year old girls who think they know everything. Large groups. Listing things i hate. People who stare. Glue that doesnt stick. Anti Gerard Way group on Myspace. MCR hate groups. Religeon. Anyone who hates Gerard. Being bored. People who talk shit and cant back it up. Having to wake up. Not being able to sleep when im tired. Basketball. I UNDERSTAND THAT SCISSORS CAN BEAT PAPER AND I GET HOW ROCK CAN BEAT SCISSORS. BUT THERE'S NO FUCKING WAY PAPER CAN BEAT ROCK. PAPER IS SUPPOSED TO MAGICALLY WRAP AROUND ROCK LEAVING IT IMMOBILE? WHY THE HELL CAN'T PAPER DO THIS TO SCISSORS? SCREW SCISSORS, WHY CAN'T PAPER DO THIS TO PEOPLE? WHY AREN'T SHEETS OF COLLEGE-RULED NOTEBOOK PAPER CONSTANTLY SUFFOCATING STUDENTS AS THEY ATTEMPT TO TAKE NOTES IN CLASS? I'LL TELL YOU WHY, BECAUSE PAPER CAN'T BEAT ANYBODY, A ROCK WOULD TEAR THAT SHIT UP IN TWO SECONDS. WHEN I PLAY ROCK/PAPER/SCISSORS I ALWAYS CHOOSE ROCK. THEN WHEN SOMEBODY CLAIMS TO HAVE BEATEN ME WITH THEIR PAPER I PUNCH THEM IN THE THROAT WITH MY ALREADY CLENCHED FIST AND SAY "OH SHIT I'M SORRY. I THOUGHT PAPER WOULD PROTECT YOU, STUPID-FUCK
Interests:This is listed in my likes.

Personal Favorites

People/Heroes:My Chemical Romance and Atreyu of course. I have many more though. But they are none of your business.
Books:The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, SO many more. I love to read.
Authors:Edgar Allan Poe, Anne Rice, Danielle Steele, Aphrodite Jones.
Music Genres:Punk, Metal, Punkmo, Alternative, Indie, Hardcore.
Bands/Artists:- A Perfect Circle - Adair - Adelle - **AFI - Amberlin - Amber Pacific - *Angels and Airwaves - Alexisonfire - A Life Once Left - A Little Less Than Known - Against All Sin - *Aiden - Alkaline Trio - Another Day Late - *Antiflag - Antiworld - As i lay Dying - Armor For Sleep - Artic Monkeys - Art of Darkness - Ashes to Angels - *Atreyu - Audioslave - *Avenged Sevenfold - *Bayside - Behind Crimson Eyes - Beat Union - Belie my Burial - Beloved - Beneath the Shadows - Between the Buried and Me - Beyond All Reason - Big Boy - Black Flag - Black Label Society - Bleeding Orange - Bleeding Through - Blur - Bowling For Soup - Boys Night Out - *Bullet for my Valentine - Bury Your Dead - Calabrese - *Cannibal Corpse - Celtic Frost - Cemetery of Broken Dreams - Cerebral Autopsy - Chevelle - Circa Survive - Close to Near Death - Coheed and Cambria - Combichrist - Counting Crows - Copperpot - Cradle of Filth - Crossfade - Cute is what we aim for - Cyberage Radio - Danger by Design - Darkest Hour - *Dashboard Confessionals - *Dating Delilah - Dead Kennedys - Dear Forever - Deathcab For Cutie - Death From Above - Debassed - Deftones - Demon Hunter - Descendants - Desorden Mental - Devil Driver - Devil Sold His Soul - Disturbed - Dont Let Go - *DOOk - Dose of Apathy - Drive By - Drowning Pool - Dry Cell - EchOline - Eighteen Visions - Emery - Endemic - Erraknid - *Evanessence - Exhale - Fear Factory - Finch - Fishnet Stalkers - FLORENCE - From Autumn to Ashes - *From First to Last - Fourth Element - Found Dead Hanging - Funeral For a Friend - Gatsbys American Dream - Glass Casket - Glassjaw - Halifax - Hallow Point - Hate Breed - Havok in Hollywood - *Hawthorne Heights - He is Legend - Heart of a Failure - HIM - Hope Dies Last - *I Am Ghost - Incubus - Iron Maiden - Isle of View - Jumpin Johnny - Killswitch Engage - Kill the Bride - Kingdom of Sorrow - Kittie - *Lacuna Coil - Laid to Ruin - *Lamb of God - Last Day Lost - Last House on the Left - Less Than Jake - Let Me Bleed - Letter Kills - Lorene Drive - Lost Anthem - Lostprophets - Lower DEFINITION - Machinehead - Makeshift Policy - Making April - Manic Agression - *Marilyn Manson - Matchbook Romance - Mighty Moshin Emo Rangers - Morrisey - Mest - Miles FromMidnight - Mindisease - Misfits - Monsters are Waiting - Mudvayne - Murder By Death - Murderdolls - Muse - My American Heart - MxPx - **My Chemical Romance - NecroMorticiA - Nightmare of You - Nightwish - Nine Inch Nails - NOFX - No Speed Limit - November Coming Fire - Oasis - Offspring - Once We Were Outlaws - Opeth - OuR hOpE In SiLEnCe - Orgy - *Panic! At the Disco - Panzer God - Passenger - Pantera - Poison the Well - Project Death Glam - Project Valkyrie - Queens of the Stoneage - Rage Against the Machine - Rancid - Rear View - Relient K - Requiem of the Damned - Rise Against - Resident Evil soundtrack - Revenge is Bond - Rock Kills Kid - Samadhi - Saosin - Scars of Tommorow - Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Seether - Senses Fail - Serpent Underground - Shadow Fail - Shaped by Fate - She Wants Revenge - Sick Flawless Mind - Silverstien - Since the Ashes - Skin Factory - Skin Lab - Slayer - SlipKnot - *Smashing Pumpkins - Snapcase - So They Say - Spoken - Staind - Stalins War - Stolen Element - Stole Your Woman - Story of the Year - Suicide Machines - Suicidal Tendencies - Stretch Armstrong - System of a Down - *Taking Back Sunday - Takota - Tattoed Millionaires - Test Icicles - Theatres Des Vampires - The Academy is... - The Appearence - The Bled - The Bravery - The Casualties - The Clash - The Damned - The Darkness - The Distance - The Faint - The Fully Down - The Ghost of Martha - The Honorary Title - The Killers - The Limit Club - The Malfated - The Misfits - The Offspring - *The New Sincerity - The Psuedo Philosophers - The Ramones - The Receiving End of Sirens - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - The Rev - The Scene Aesthetic - The Secret Machines - *The Sex Pistols - The Sleeping - The Stress - The Sword - The Transplants - The Unseen - **The Used - The Victory - The Who - Three Days Grace - Thrice - Through the Eyes of the Dead - To Insanity and Beyond! - Trivium - Two Man Advantage - **underOATH - Weezer - *White Stripes - With my Last Breath - Yellowcard - Zao - 30 Seconds to Mars - 69 Eyes - 100 Demons
Albums/CDs:That i own or my favorites? Im not even about to go through what i own.
Songs:Its Not a Fashion Statement its a fuckind Deathwish by My Chemical Romance and Her Portrait and Black by Atreyu. They both have touched me in some way.
TV Shows:CSI, Ghost Hunters, FUSE.
Movies:The Nightmare Before Christmas, Saw IandII, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre(all), Corpse Bride, Pirates of the Carribean, Edward Scissorhands, Sleepy Hollow, Silent Hill, The Grudge, The Ring Iand II, Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children, Life on The Murder Scene, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Hangmans Curse, Urbanlegends, Nightmare on Elm Street series, The Crow, Christine, Graveyard Shift, Pet Symetery, Kingdom Come, House on Haunted Hill, Resident Evil, Interview with the Vampire, Queen of the Damned, Pretty much all horror.
Actors:Johnny Depp, Jake Richardson, Kiera Knightly.
Games:Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, Silent Hill.
Colors:Black and Red. You knew it was coming huh?
Pets/Animals:Cats pretty much.
Cars/Motorcyles:I havent really though of it.
Food:Salad. Its wonderful.
Drink:Strawberry Dr.Pepper
Quotes:This shits easy peasy pumpkin peasy. Pumpkin Pie motherfuckers!-Gerard Way

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