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Breena Clarke
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Main blog:Aquabitourmaline
Education:Graduate degree
Race/lineage:Black / African descent
Location:United States, New Jersey

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Swimming changes lives
After twelve years of swimming and aqua aerobics I'm still roughly the same weight on the scale. BUT IÕve got no muffin-top or chicken wings and I can see my toes 'cause of I got a mini six pack. What I mean by Ōsix-packĶ is that I can set my abs and you can see the outline. BUT I donÕt do bare midriff. However, itÕs an accomplishment of some value because I was sort of doughy in the middle before I learned to swim. Swimming Changed My Life I often say to people that swimming -- learning to swim - changed my life. By that I mean that I understand my body differently since that...
competitive edge
there is another gear I hadn't known it before really because as a youngster I was not an athlete. Though not the biggest of couch potatoes -- I have always enjoyed a amble among trees or at a riverside -- fond of a long walk to sit in the park among trees. I was not a sporty, active, athletic girl and certainly not an athletic competitor. Part of how I enjoy swimming is as a solitary sport that can include other people. In fact, I enjoy the camaraderie of the pool and locker room. But swimming is an intensely personal, individual accomplishment. Hmmmm - but competition is about other...
honeysuckle and hotsauce
Honeysuckle they are back They are persistent in the park next to my house. This morning they are permeating the dense, humid air. The breezes are circulating their aroma. Some years ago they had got very bushy and were said to be hiding miscreants and fun couples. They were cut back. They've come back despite official discouraging. I'm happy to see them. Their aroma can become cloying if the air is hot and still and they have grown too dense. But they are wonderful on a spring day when a breeze stirs them. And they are a natural boon -- a thing you can get for free. The city of...
The Return of Spring
this winter -- our house has been assailed by wild weather and a neighbor's neglect. But the dogwood has bloomed furiously and the sky overhead is blue. I've walked 4.4 miles this week between the pool and home to save gas and to appreciate the beautiful weather.

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