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Rich McVey
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Main blog:TarBaby
Birthday:April 27th 1948
Occupation:Executive / Management
Education:Bachelors degree, School of life
Location:United States, Missouri, Ozark

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Relationship Status:Married
Biography/About:I am currently working in the trucking industry. Completed a funfilled, successful military career. View my expertise broadly as being in the area of logistics but will always have a warm place in my heart for the men and women of the Air Force and especially Ammo Troops. IYAAYAS (see Ammo in Wikipedia)
Likes:Cooking great dishes. Enjoying eating the great food even more. Gardening. Work hard at it and love when it all comes together. Rock and roll.
Dislikes:There is very little I can say I truly dislike. Maybe people who are compelled to tell me how smart they are.
Interests:Time with my family, politics, the internet, web logging, cooking,

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It's Been A While
You might wonder what I have been up to. Well I've been working on a new group blog using WordPress as a blog engine. Just for your info the blog is Unspunblog. Yeah, our own domain and all the works. WordPress has a much higher learning curve than blogdrive. But I see they have made quite a few refinements here that should make blogging a lot easier. If you get a chance swing on by. Another Blogdriver is in our group, you may know her as Static Brain.
Frank Rich of the NYT said: "So when you watch the president stand there with a straight face and say, "We do not torture" - a full year and a half after the first photos from Abu Ghraib - you have to wonder how we arrived at this ludicrous moment...." And, IF WE DON'T TORTURE, why do we need to carve out an exemption for the CIA that would allow them to torture? What is it I am failing to grasp here? Am I suffering from cognitive dissonance? No, no , no ,no. I've figured it out. Bush is like the magician who gets you to look at his left hand while he...
Just Par for the Course
Expectations: When you have some one who comes in and tells you they are going to restore honor and dignity to the White House you have a certain level of expectation. If once they get in they not only fail to follow through on that pledge but go in the opposite direction it is really a disappointment. Then once Bush's true colors began to show not only do you get a sense of disappointment that he never has held the high moral gound that was just so much of a sham, but it is actually much worse than that. So this should not come as any surprise: I've obviously missed something....
Lying about Lying
You can see for yourself. This morning, not even Sen. Pat Roberts who has led efforts to delay and downplay the need for investigating prewar intelligence would back him up.

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