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Main blog:Epic Imaginations
Birthday:August 27th
Occupation:Unemployed but looking
Education:High school, Graduate degree
Race/lineage:Black / African descent
Location:United States, California


Height:5' 8" (173 cm)
Eyes:Dark Brown
Hair Color:Copper
Hair Style:Straight - Medium
Skin Tone:Medium Brown
Clothing Pref.:Cozy

Personal Information

Sexual Preference:Straight/Heterosexual
Smoking:No Way

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It's Rough
Who knew it was so hard out there to find employment. Definitely not me; but its my first time out here and I hear it gets better with age. Meanwhile I'll look into freelance writing or revising people's ads on eBay, esty and other various sell/buy sites. If anyone likes my previous posts and is looking for a fresh mind to write even just an excerpt for their novel, I am interested. Prices will vary according to topic but it won't be highway robbery. Until then I'll be earning voluntary experience. Write you later. <3
Those Cold, Sleepless Nights
I lie in bed oblivious to my surroundings. As my mind wanders to my mental playlist, each song has a different memory. Every love song thrusts me to the past and those glee-filled days. A breakup song shatters the memory from my mind followed by one where I take revenge. Its too bad you don't have a car, but imagining is almost just as sweet. The good always seem to outweigh the bad, twisting memories with fantasies of what could have been. Hearts are deceptive devices; not to be trusted. A clouded mind is just as dangerous. None of it changes the reality that you and I are no...
His Touch
It is my weakness Starts the shivers down my spine Flutters through my heart The response to my members is instant Hair stands on end as though electrified Legs waver, unable to stand A numbness overtakes me Its true when they say "Its always quiet before the storm" Then sparks fly as his lips meet mine Our tongues explore each other Each touch brings us closer together My body smoulders in the wake We climb back down from our high The amazing thing about him he can bring me up and down at will Each touch registers differently I can determine his mood and soothe him He can calm the tumultous...
Oh How the Tables Turn
It's misery watching them. He whispers to that airhead and she practically giggles herself to death. He steals a kiss and she goes over the moon shrieking with pleasure. Idiots. I don't know what I ever saw in him. He may seem like the whole package but he's seriously flawed. The final bell rings as a slam my locker shut. The sky is clouding so the weatherman just might be right this time. Opening my umbrella I can see the tail-end of his car. He waves but I ignore. He's obviously up to no good. "Hey need a ride?" "I can handle myself." "Alright but when the rain starts..." "It won't...

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