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General Information

Main blog:SoSoGrey
Birthday:April 16th 1983
Occupation:Unemployed but looking
Education:Bachelors degree
Religion:Spiritual but not religious
Service Attendance:Rarely
Race/lineage:Black / African descent
Location:United States, New York, Brooklyn

Contact Information



Body Size:Slender
Height:5' 6" (168 cm)
Eyes:Dark Brown
Vision:Glasses when reading
Hair Color:Black
Hair Style:Wavy - Long
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Dark Brown
Best Feature:Sweet spot
Clothing Pref.:No Preference
Tattoo Info:I don't have a tattoo, but my DREAM tattoo would be some sort of spider across my lower back. Sexy, yes?
Piercing Info:Ears... I took out my belly button ring.

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Never Married
Sexual Preference:Straight but curious
Astrological Sign:Aries (March 21 - April 19)
Existing as:Vampyre
Your Home:Live with roommate(s)
Biography/About:Right now I'm living in New York (Brooklyn... Bed-Stuy to be exact) but I'm originally from the midwest. I sing... I write.. in a nutshell, I'm the greatest thing since slices bread.
Likes:Myself. People who adore me. Expensive things. Vintage couture. Punk rockers. Boys who can play the guitar. People with a sense of humor. Chocolate and pretzels. Sitting in the dark. Singing around the house. Living in NYC.
Dislikes:Stupid people. People who talk shit about me. Cats. Nextel walkies. Bad breath on guys who try to "holler" at me. Crowds. Beer (but I still drink it). AOL Instant Messenger. The grass that grows between the cracks in the sidewalks. Insects.
Interests:I'm mostly interested in myself. My likes and dislikes. What makes me tick... What the world should be like according to me... oh and the Music Industry. I'd fit in great with all those fucking psychos.

Personal Favorites

People/Heroes:Me, Heather MuthaFuckin Beal, MiMi, my Mommy, Kimora Lee Simmons, Gabrielle from Desperate Housewives, Buffy
Books:Grimm's Grimmest, Wait Til Helen Comes, Lolita, Laughter In The Dark, It, The Things They Carried, Antigone, The Harry Potter Series, Mama's Girl, Invitation to a Beheading
Authors:Stephen King, Vladimir Nabakov, Dean Koontz
Music Genres:Oh, I listen to EVERYTHING.
Bands/Artists:Here goes, The Ramones, Mariah Carey, Green Day, Garth Brooks, Tupac, Kelly Clarkson, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Pink Floyd, Nickelback, ...I could continue...
Albums/CDs:I'm not even gonna attempt to go there...
Songs:Close My Eyes - Mariah Carey, Brick In The Wall - Pink Floyd, Time Of Your Life - Green Day, I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones, Friends In Low Places - Garth Brooks, Figured You Out - Nickelback, I Ain't Mad Atcha - Tupac, Big Balls - AC/DC, ... just to name a few
TV Shows:Desperate Housewives, Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Movies:The Color Purple, The Sweetest Thing, Coming To America, Cold Mountain, Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, Clueless, The Breakfast Club, The Goonies, Scarface, Man On Fire
Actors:Jude Law, Sam Rockwell, Cameron Diaz, SMG, Angelina Jolie
Games:Don't play many games
Sports:Other than catching a couple Yankees games, not really into sports
Colors:Pink and Black
Pets/Animals:BUCK! He's my lil Chihuahua back at home in MN. I miss him!
Cars/Motorcyles:Don't drive.
Food:I'll eat just about anything.
Drink:Anything with alcohol in it works .
Quotes:"Mama, oooooh, I don't wanna die. I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all." ~Queen
Position:On top. I like to play the cowgirl., -)

Four Most Recent Entries

Bad news... good day...
So, my interview got cancelled, BUT the woman loved my reference so she's trying to help me out. It's a good thing. I had a horrible day yesterday, even though it stared out alright, but I'm good now. I'm really mad at myself for getting so damn upset over BULLSHIT, but at least I can blame it on the PMS. (Thank God). And I've come to a conclusion. If you think I'm selfish now, you haven't seen a DAMN THING. Yes, because you see, I can play dirty too. So if I don't get a job soon, whatever. I'm out of here, without a word of notice, good luck finding a new roomate. Or better yet, how's about...
Lyrics O' The Moment
Life Just like a bird I want to fly free Somewhere off in the country. I feel glued to this earth. Everything just disappears. Tell me, how did I get life? I've been robbed of my destiny. Reckon I'll fly away Time is slipping away It's going to be hard for me. So, tell me, how did I get life? Maybe I can see a dollar sing, That's close to a peace of mind So I can buy a little food to eat And everything will be fine. Oh, tell me, why did I get life? Everything I hoped for is gone now Vanished in the air. My hopes and dreams and all those Things I have...
A Semi-positive post...
Two interviews this week. *does soopy dance* One's at a coffee shop, which could be OH SO FUN, ot ir could suck, but pays the bills. Whatever works, right? Right. I'm kinda worried about my mom. There were like five fatal accidents in MN due to the snow and I haven't heard from anyone. Prayers please. My "roomate" is... *sigh* I don't even know. I got this whole email about how selfish I am and blah blah blah, and it's like... I'm already in a mood. Do you really expect me to talk to you after that? I think NOT. But pray that I get this job. PLEASE? PUHLEASE. Thanks,
Concerned chiefly or only with oneself: “Selfish men were... trying to make capital for themselves out of the sacred cause of human rights” (Maria Weston Chapman). Arising from, characterized by, or showing selfishness: a selfish whim. Now that we've cleared up a definition, let me ask a question. Would it make sense for me to call you selfish, because I drift into my moods without concern of anyone else around me (forget the fact that I'm apologizing constantly), then turn around on the same token and tell you that I need you to be the person you were. Not because it's going to save...

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