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General Information

Main blog:Blog by Knight
Birthday:June 2nd
Education:Some college
Service Attendance:Weekly
Race/lineage:White / Caucasian
Location:United States, Oregon, Noyb

Contact Information



Body Size:Ridiculously Large
Height:5' 6" (168 cm)
Eyes:Blue Green
Vision:Sun glasses
Hair Color:Dark Red
Hair Style:Wavy - Long
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Ghostly
Best Feature:Hair
Clothing Pref.:Cozy
Tattoo Info:I once had the Album cover of Steve Burns Songsfordustmites in my ankle in hena.
Piercing Info:3 in right ear, 2 in left ear, nose, and navel.

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Divorced
Family Info:Two kids, 5 cats, three rabbit and several dust bunnies.
Sexual Preference:Rarely
Existing as:Human
Smoking:No Way
Liquor:Gave it up
Your Home:Live with kids
Biography/About:Married a time or two, divorced a time or two, talented in various ways, after unfullfilling jobs I now am in school to get my degree in journalism. I work full time, I go to school full time, and I am a single mother so that tells you I have a lot of guts and moxy and go get 'emness. And stuff.
Likes:I like to dance, to laugh, to have money and be surrounded in love. I will settle for a twirl, a grin, a couple of bucks and people who tolerate me.
Dislikes:Kevin Michael Newman, John V. Barbosa, Unbrushed teeth, highly critical and selfish people. Or people who judge first and learn the truth later. Really cold nights and no warm body in my bed to warm me. Snobs. People who just don't listen. People who just don't care. Dumbass ex's who send me mail, emails, and harrass me via the phone every other month. Get the hint Kevin!! Just! Go! Away!
Interests:Forensic science, geeks, writing, reading, teaching messianic dance, and handsome men that sing about wonderful things like space and love, but not in that order.

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Four Most Recent Entries

An open letter to all the delinquents at the park
Dear teenage punks, Why do you have to be that way? I have two teens myself and neither of them go to your place of leisure and mark up your world with graffiti and trash-do they? No they don't. Didn't your mamas teach you to pick up after yourselves? What is up with all the trash laying around the table when the garbage can is RIGHT THERE. Seriously?! Like 2 feet away, yet you drop all your shit wherever you want. Everyday I go walk my dogs in that park and I have to take a garbage bag and clean up your mess. I don't even like cleaning my own house. It is starting to piss me off. ...
Well I went ahead and just did it already!
Well I did it. I upgraded my blog account because it offered all these new fangled bells and whistles. And I love me my bells and whistles! Plus I figured if I actually paid for this site I would post more. I mean, how am I to get rich and famous if I don't post? So hang on people....I'm back!
Yesterday during class we watched a movie called Tuesdays with Morrie (I think that is his name) and it struck me how he was so loving and kind to all around him. He really enjoyed people and he took a genuine interest in folks. He had a great handle on how to love and be loved. He gave great advice to people about appreciating those you love, and work at relationships. It made me see where I fall short on my own relationships because there is a whole lot of taking for granted going on. I know my family loves me, and they know I love them, and even though we end every...
Cancer Sucks
For those who don't know my Brother in law Claude (married to my oldest sister) has been fighting Non-Hodgkin lymphoma for over three years now, and after one hell of a fight is slowly losing his battle. Death won't wait much longer for him. As if that isn't bad enough, my sisters daughter Rhema (who is 12, the exact same age of Punkin'-they are two weeks apart) has been diagnosed with a very rare and lethal kind of cancer herself. Although she is at the number one hospital in the world for curing this cancer, the survival rate is still on 33%. It seems cruel to be ending one journey with...

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