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Blog Created: 12/14/08
Number of entries: 52
Number of comments: 0

General Information

Main blog:STARMD
Birthday:April 29th 1994
Education:School of life
Location:United States


Body Size:Average
Vision:Glasses when reading
Hair Color:Plum Brown
Hair Style:Wavy - Long
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Fair
Best Feature:Hands
Clothing Pref.:Cozy
Tattoo Info:Plan on Getting one when I turn 17 :P
Piercing Info:Earrings?

Personal Information

Astrological Sign:Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
Existing as:Human
Smoking:No Way
Your Home:Live with parents

Personal Favorites

Music Genres:POP, techno, rap, r&b, K-pop
Bands/Artists:Wonder Girls, Shinee, Rain Bi, etc.
Colors:Lime Green, yellow, Orange, Red
Pets/Animals:Cat, Hamster
Season:Summer, Spring
Drink:Bawls, Vitamin Water Lemonade, Tai Tea

Four Most Recent Entries

I'm going to Wasington D.C
Yeah, I'll post up pictures! :) I'm going to get a hair cut there. I want something realllly cute! and shop! Updates you laters ;D
I wish I had cute eyes D:
Okay you do know that some very cute Asian girls have those big eyes. Like puppies ): Well I want those EYES! My eyes are like very sharp angry looking eyes D: In Class... Well it was like a long time ago. I just stared out the window then all of a sudden "Hey [My Name] are you mad or something?" I'm like what? They said my eyes were looking kinda mean looking... I can't help it.... *signs* Lately in school my friends are like yeah... Hey it's spring break! Get excited or something! I was supposed to go to the mall with my friend.. I was so excited but when she told me that her...
Very Very Tired and bored...
lately I have nothing to do am I've been feeling very tired... *signs* I have also been pissed off by one of my friends.... They need to shut the crap up about there dating things. Like I need to know about dating and how excited they are I don't give a crap.... (but do tell me details) Anyways i got a laptop yesterday it's pretty awesome but i HATE THE MOUSE! anyways toodles I'm going to watch a movie, ----------------------------------- MOOD: BORED
I'm Very Tired... T.T
Lately I had more time to sleep especially when I come back from school. I jump on my bed and sleep (while my little brother goes outside and play.) The nest day the my neighbor asked why I didn't come down to hang out. I told them I took a nap and they responded "You always take a nap." I couldn't help it if I sleep to much It's hard... Sleeping is like a drug. I'm addicted to sleeping. Sleeping gives me dreams to things I never thought before. It's kinda hard to give that up :p Then I felt more sleepy. I am a very light sleeper I could hear my parents footssteps...

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