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General Information

Main blog:iDdLe Ay
Birthday:November 27th 1987
Education:High school
Race/lineage:White / Caucasian
Location:United States, Tennessee

Contact Information



Height:5' 1" (155 cm)
Eyes:Hazel Brown
Hair Color:Light Brown

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Involved
Astrological Sign:Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)
Smoking:No Way
Biography/About:*i LoVe RuSSeLL*
Likes:*RuSSeLL of course!;*New Found Glory; *Blink-182;*John Mayer;*Taking Back Sunday;*Yellowcard;*Dashboard Confessional;*Talking, especially to my lil RuSSeLL and my extraordinary lil friend people;*Shopping;*Being CrAzY; *actin' like a kid; * going to the MaLL;* going off on stupid people
Dislikes:*ha! we don't wanna go there, okay, if you insist:girls that hit on my man;my mom's ex-husband (some say my father, but i disagree) and his family; sluts;people staring at me; and people who would not talk to me because their gf tells them not to even though we've been friends longer
Interests:*umm...the same as my likes i guess...* *RUSSELL*

Personal Favorites

People/Heroes:My HeRo:*Megan Renee Teffeteller~ 12/18/87-08/02/02, My FaVoRiTe PeePs: RUSSELL, Will, Rachel, Whitney, Allie J, JRa, Sarah, Carissa, Amanda, MyFamIly: GraNNy, Mommy, Sister!
Bands/Artists:*RADYSON! (Russells band), NEW FOUND GLORY, John Mayer, Blink-182, Yellowcard, Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, 311, Green Day
Albums/CDs:The Ones that i have: Catalyst-New Found Glory, New Found Glory-New Found Glory, Sticks and Stones-New Found Glory, Megan's Cd-Various, KaYla-Various artists made for me by my baby!
Songs:I Don't Wanna Know-New Found Glory (the best song EVER!), Your Body Is a Wonderland- John Mayer, Daughters-John Mayer, ALL NEW FOUND GLORY!
TV Shows:One Tree Hill, 7th Heaven, Gilmore Girls, General Hospital, Full House, Lizzie McGuire, For Love or Money, Who Wants to Marry My Dad, The Starlet, I Wanna Be a Soap Star
Movies:A CHRISTMAS STORY!!!!!, Meet the Fockers, Remember the Titans
Games:*Too many to say, i'm a big kid!*
Sports:*Swimming, volleyball (even tho i suck), football with Russell, Will, and Patric
Colors:Blue, My 2nd fave. is pink
Pets/Animals:OTTER!!!, cats, dogs, horsies, all kinds
Cars/Motorcyles:2005 MUSTANG!, z3, boxter, cayenne, miata
Food:mashed TATOES, chicken
Drink:mountain dew!
Quotes:*Your eyes were covered in sunglasses when they first met mine, I sat there and stared at you, You didn't seem to mind, The awkward ways we meet*, One dance with that special someone can last a lifetime, I have beauty, I don't need brains

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