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Astrological Sign:Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
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 Immortal Embrace

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Flickering Love
Pure, untainted, flickering love Set forth upon the road A blaze that grew so captivating It left marks upon the soul Sweeping, twisting hearts unite Their souls like roots entwined Constant love like rays of light A bond no one could divide Sailing away on a blissful wind Apart, but not for long The seas grew harsh and doomed the boat Sinking, slowly to the siren's song Nestled in the bed of the sea With final, exhausting breaths Cease peacefully beneath the waves Star crossed lovers lay their hearts to rest Love seared upon their hearts Never forgetting that tragic day Now...
Remember when?
So I've been skimming through my entries over the last few years. Man, I can't believe I've had this blog THAT long. And although I'm not much for writing poetry these days. I've once again fallen in love with some of the things I wrote back in the day. I also found things that I don't even remember writing...imagine that. I'm not going to fill this entry with empty promises of blogging daily or finishing my vampiric choronicles (that project is going to stay with the uh....undead). I am very glad that I have something to look back and read and see how I've grown. No matter if anyone...
The last few weeks have been a blur..... Sleeping nursing Changing TONS of poopy diapers I haven't hardly talked to anyone....
Ha! I had to blog about this.... So apparantly has started a new area where you can upload pictures to their website and invite a "group" of people to share them with. Everyone can look at each others pictures and order off of them. Which is a great concept and I understand why people use it. However, I have tried to upload thing on and the way their upload system works it makes me want to scream and pull my hair out. Why? Well honestly it should frustrate anyone who doesn't want to spend the better part of their day uploading pictures. 1) The website is slow. 2)...

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