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The Alaskan Summer
ts been a few months since I flew back from Anchorage and friends have asked me why I havent taken the time to write about it? For the first few weeks I felt that I wasnt back home yet... it was almost like the home-sick feeling I got when I was first left on the hostel courtyard watching my Mom and Aunt walk away on the first dayof college.(That feeling was fleeting as I met them in a few hours, since my Aunt lived a few miles away!) But Seattle did not feel like my home anymore, it felt like I'd left my REAL home behind in Alaska. I'm not even going to TRY to describe the landscape...
Nick-Knack and my Neck!
Woke up early this morning Made my coffee like I allllll ways do Then it hit me from nowhere Everything I feel about meeee and youuuu ... -Vanessa Carlton's Eighth World Wonder Thats how the song goes but for me its just a stiff neck this morning! It was literally an effort to get out of bed and not just the feeling. Called my doctor but she had no appointment available so I decided to go across the street from her to urgent care. (Basically like an ER where walk-ins are welcome) So hubby decides to take the day off to take-care of me and whisks me off to the docs. Well maybe whisk would...
Cows make Cheese and then Poop
Just back from a lovely holiday and I realise that I need to go shopping! My HR Manager is going away on maternity leave and we are throwing her a baby shower! Have to keep on the good side of HR you see, so I trudge to the mall... It is then I remember the theme of the party.... Books! Suddenly there is a spring in my step when I realise my destination is just over the border. Well Borders to be more specific! Buying books for a baby is something I rarely, if ever do. And for a baby I dont even know.... (or cant possibly meet to figure out what she/he would like?) I am just about ready to...

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