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Ahh, snow looks lovely! Today I went by my window to look at the snow outside and the view was magnificent. Saw nice big chunks of snow floating in the air while making their decent to the ground... where they all melted :(. I wished the snow sticked today.. but save that for next time! Now, big chunks of snow = awesome. I stared outside my window just to enjoy the snowfall for a few moments.. wanted to go out, but it's too cold! Grr, why do we have to be susceptible to the cold?! That fact is one of my most hated limitations we all have >8( . If it weren't for the cold, I would just go...
It's already the few days of summer, and I'm a lazy frig. I've been spending most of these days locked in my room doing absolutely nothing but laptoping. Really, that's just a waste of a few days on the spot. What now? Well, I've decided to start working out again! It's almost boo's graduation / grad party! Gotta be in tip top shape by then! Also, going to start drawing again~ (tonight maybe?). Don't want to waste my summer doing nothing! So these will be one of the many things I'm planning to do over the break! Also, looks like Danny Choo has done it again! Ever since I've started to read...
Goodies from Mitsuwa~!
Good evening ladies and gents! I've decided to somewhat cut out a little bit from my Mitsuwa update and place it into a separate update. I felt that my other post was a bit to long, so here we go~! A little while ago, I went to Mitsuwa with En En and came back home with some goodies~! ta dah! It's not that much, but it's enough for me (for now)~! Wow, let's see, it's been a really really long time as you can see, got me some Sakugan no Shanaand a Newtype magazine imported from good ol' Japan! Of course, I can't read it, but it's still worth the monnies! Up next, my ohh so delish...
It's been a while
Hey folks, Ohkeis here. It's been a while since my last blog post.. still need to finish up on the Mitsuwa goodie list "which I probably have at this point*. Sorry for my absence, as I know, the culprit is always laziness. Still, here I am! Going to write up a brand new entry~ Well anyways, what have I been up to these past few days? Ehh, same old same old - internets, imeem, internet window shopping, a bit of socializing, and etc etc. So not much really, but I wanted to share this ---> Yes,...

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