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Astrological Sign:Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)
Exercise:Couch potato
Biography/About:can't wait to graduate, and would love to meet all my relatives in France, Switzerland and America

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Back from paradise
My Philippines Holiday was amazing, I stayed there for a whole month and I had a really good time, my favourite place was Boracay it's a small island in Philz and it's one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. I would love to go back there in a few years time and swim in the ocean again, the water is so clean and still, it's like swimming in a pool but with a better view. We did a lot of activities in Boracay and my favourite one was jet skiing, Jay was freaking out everytime I took control. My next favourite destination was checking out the 8th wonder of the world the...
Last week I decided to Surprise Jay with a surprose party. A few days before I told him that we were going to a friends party and that there will be free food! But he still was complaining to me that the party was going to be boring... Little did he know that there was a party waiting for him hehehe, here are the pics from the night.
What's Going On?
Wow I haven't updated my website for 6 months I should try to update it more often. Just went through a period where I got sick of looking at the computer all day when I was working in the IT industry. Anyways I went to see Miss Saigon, and I thought it was going to be shit but after watching it, I've totally changed my mind about it. I LOVE IT!! brought me to tears and I never thought I would love watching musicals... It makes you happy, sad, angry and so many emotions are felt while watching this musical. I recommend everyone to watch it some of...
I've been working for 4 months and now its not so bad, i must say the first two months I disliked it but now its all cruisey and sometimes it can get a little boring! I haven't blogged for months as I don't think nothing much has happened to me but work. I leave you with pics I have taken in the last few months. My birthday at a thai restaurant in Newtown. 2 year anniversary at coogee beach Carlito and Jesse's Wedding

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