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Main blog:Cats_and_MoonDogs
Birthday:December 20th 1990
Location:United States, Pennsylvania

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Likes:Guys<3, my friends, chocolate, playing sports, anime, beating Nan at Candyland xD, talking, music, Kyo-Kun, Mibiki, Moondoggie, Green Pants, throwing gingerbread men across the room, peanut butter, crackerjacks, the colors pink and green(and also orange and blue), running, IMing, texting(even though it runs out my minutesxD!), and way too many other things to mention...I might run out of space...xD;
Dislikes:Liars, cheaters, backstabbers, people who are two-faced, bad shows, horrible songs, shows/movies that are really good and then wind up having the most awful ending in the world, cliff hangers, most vegetables, milk, eggs, algebra, spanish class, losing, doing badly, being hated, and probably a few more things that I can't seem to think of at the moment...
Interests:Eh...*points to the Likes column*...o.o,

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