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no longer updating here
Taking a break
Tomorrow's the last paper! AND ITS THE ARABIC SYNTAX & MORPHOLOGY PAPER.mugcow!
New skin
Yay yay! New skin! I've not been updating for quite a long time.Lazehh.Sorreh. Wait. Do people actually read this blog?Nevermind.I'll just assume i'm writing a journal.heh. The previous one was a bit too dark and dull and squeezy, doncha think so? I know you'll go 'what?! Changing blogskin in the midst of exam?!' but heck cares. I too need some moment of destressing.heheh Umm i was thinking of changing to blogspot(have i said this before?) Whaddya think??hmmmm... Oh, speaking of exams, today marks the end of exams for the acad subjects! And also tells that the arabic exams are beginning...
Eheh..curi mase jap..
Yeaayea exam's just a few days away.No, we ARE actually in the exam zone now. Not supposed to switch on the pc but hehe... Right, what was i going to write?oh i've forgotten. Oyea! This might be outdated but whatever it is, Irsyad won the munazoroh! Mabruuk! Ppr 1s done last wk. Ppr 3 done. Others, not yet done!Well that includes both malay and eng oral. *sighs* Terhine kn org2 name last ni... Tell me, when, when is my time going to come??(the oral, i mean) Chem ppr is going to be covered frm chptr 1 to what we're learning now.WOAAHH. Someone had a breakdown today.Or was it not only...

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