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Main blog:Such Thoughts
Birthday:July 24th 1986
Education:Some college
Religion:Spiritual but not religious
Location:United States, California


Eyes:Hazel Green
Tattoo Info:His Name is written on my heart.
Piercing Info:Body piercing saved my soul.

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Family Info:My family can kick your family's butt!
Likes:To see the Glory of God fall on people.

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 Christ On Campus
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reviving Christmas in me
These past few days I have found myself dreading Christmas. Everything from the happy, cheery comercials on tv to wrapping presents... all of it made me generally unhappy. I had the bah-humbug spirit and I had it bad. But I've just got back from a "Carey Christmas", which is where all of my mother's relatives get together and typically it is stressful and anger envoking. For some reason this year was different for me. All of my expectations -- that the whole ordeal would turn out as a disaster -- were not met. I had a great time, my family got along with one another. We had a lovely...
the ABCs of time tables and faulty fables
For a long time, I wondered what was lacking in my life. I have a great family, great friends, and a fun job... but there was this void that I could not fill. Suddenly, one day, it dawned on me.... I hadn't blogged in forever! Hello to all you faithful blog readers! Yes, it seems a millennia since I've blogged. And for good reason. I have talked to most of you in person, as opposed to having to post some impersonal babble online. However, I just so happen to love impersonal babble. So here's sommore of it! Be entertained. Or something. Summer is near its annual...
tahini and apple butter
6.20.06 My intellect has been sparked into some poor excuse for intellectual flame again. I know this is a sad attempt at writing because my window is open, the sound of the man-crafted waterfalls hardly being filtered through the screen, and there is no other music to be heard. In fact, my computer speakers are off, offering the notion that my ears are currently dedicated to my own thoughts, and not the sung-out ones of other, more predominate peoples. Other items that grant me my writing satisfaction are the apple butter and 100% organic...
nothing in particular
I suppose that it all makes sense. The late nights. The sudden cafe mochas. A small book by J.D.Salinger, recommended by my best friend Clare (ah, thank you, friend). These, factored in with a newfound muscian by the name of Regina Spektor, would amount to my need to write. nothing in particular, mind you. I could comment on the sound of the constant waterfall that chimes just beyond the dusty window screen. There might be a chance that descriptive words pour eloquently from these fingers and alight on the panel before my eyes. Or they m,ai,ight trip up on their journey there,...

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