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Maggie Hwang
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The FUCKING game of love
I've been AWOL from blogging for quite awhile now. In that short period of time maybe I have gained a little more maturity or only grew more bitter (you decide). The last few weeks have been amazingly awesome. We celebrated Yvonne's birthday at the Curve last week, Brennan is so close in getting to date his dream girl, we go for Yam Cha almost every night, we work ourselves to death, I've nearly completed all my assignments and I was totally and blissfully happy that i had wonderful friends, clean clothes, my Nintendo DS and roti Bom. Until Monday morning hit me. (which is today by the...
Bloorigee MPAK
I'm soo lazy to blog now!! Even though its so fun I don't have time anymore!!! My woodwork looks like SHIT and i haven't fucking completed any assignments yet!!! Tarrots are so uber but tabboo to me! I don't think I have enough money for Redang! I have so many anime's I haven't read and so many videos I haven't watched! I'm so pressed for time! I'm still not eating breakfast! I'm going LALA! *mpak moment* Bwennan's gonna propose today to his girl. He's like so friggin nervous. I forgot what that felt like LOL. NOOOOO Why are there no tall strong and cute and available Korean guys...
Redang and paycheck
I just calculated my paycheck for the month and it only comes up to slightly more than RM200....i need like at least RM150 more for the trip to Redang... *MUST SAVE MONEY* Hrmm...I don't mind eating roti kaya everyday...XD too bad in college there's nothing filling for below RM5 except for Maggie cup noodles..... I saw an Asus going for RM2200+. An ASUS! Plus all the specs that's like completely awesome! Dad wants me to install Windows (clone) so I need RM50 more.. the thing is the money mom left with her friend only comes up to RM2000 and dad told me to save up for the rest. I'm soo...
Drink Milk, Drinking Milk, Drink Milk, Drinking Milk
I LOOOOOOOOOOOOORVE RIP SLYDE! I LOOOOOORVE MY FWENS!! THEY'RE SOO AWESOME!! i love hanging out with them soo much. After work on Wednesday we bought pizza, brought it back to Wobin's place, pigged out, then played GOD OF WAR 2 till 4.30 then slept then woke up at 1 then played some more, pigged out on Chinese food (except for Momo cause she's Islam) then played some moore till it was time to go home. The in the car Wobin 'jiwanged' to Westlife songs while Bwennan was doing his 'save me get me out of here HELP!' pantomime in the back. It was sooo funny! I love my friends soo much....

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