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Luke P. T. W. Shea
General Information

Main blog:Radix lecti
Occupation:Artistic / Creative
Education:Some college
Service Attendance:Weekly
Race/lineage:White / Caucasian
Location:Djibouti, Washington, The Greater Seattle Area


Body Size:Fit
Height:6' 4" (193 cm)
Eyes:Hazel Green
Vision:No assisted eyewear
Hair Color:Blonde
Hair Style:Ever Changing
Facial Hair:Sideburns - Medium
Clothing Pref.:Thrift Store
Tattoo Info:I do not have a tatoo, but if I did have one, it would probably be a potato, on my left ankle. Why? Not the slightest clue. It seemed like a good idea at the time. ...Which is why I don't have a tattoo. Permanent things are bad with a logical process as dysfunctional as my own.
Piercing Info:I prefer not to deliberately have holes punched through my face and body. Not that I have anything against piercings in general. I know plenty people who make them look lovely. Unfortunately, none of them are me.
More Details:Aside from the fact that mine is probably the most handsome set of face and figure ever to grace this little planet of ours? No, there's no other details to speak of.
Animal you are Most Similar Too:Ogre, Sasquatch or Wendigo

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Single - Never Married
Family Info:Mum, Dad, two adorable little brothers and a Cow.
Sexual Preference:Really Straight
Existing as:Human
Smoking:No Way
Biography/About:Do they really expect me to fit an entire biography into this little box? I tell ya, blogdrive, your new profile system could use some work. Well, I belive the best way to sum up my life is to use an outline format, highlighting key points about me. Here it is. I am: Catholic An Artist Young Foolish Verbose Young Daft Foolish and a Musician. In that order, with an extra dose of STUPID sprinkled on top of the whole mess.
Likes:Movies; stop-motion; old special effects; literature; comic books; cheese; my family; other strong and intact families; frisbees
Dislikes:Beaurocracy; Math; Math; Math; Math; Math; Math; Jim Carrey; Math; Math
Interests:Art, English, Music, Religion, Philosophy, running, throwing things, frisbee,

Personal Favorites

People/Heroes:My Dad, My Brother Cow, The Pope, P.G. Wodehouse, Peter Lorre, Groucho Marx, Harpo Marx, Chico Marx, Richard "Bob" Greene, C.S. Lewis, Alan Moore, Kirk Marcy, Douglas Tennapel, Gustave Dore, M. C. Escher, DaVinci,
Books:Mere Christianity, Dracula, The Collected Adventures of Tom Strong, We Are Still Married,
Authors:P. G. Wodehouse, Douglas Adams, C.S. Lewis, G. K. Chesterton, Garrison Keillor, Alan Moore,
Music Genres:Ska, Jazz, a capella, rock, butt-rock, (good) punk rock, I'll admit to emo...,
Bands/Artists:Nat King Cole, Buddy Rich, The Beatles, Five Iron Frenzy, The Bobs, Bobby McFerrin, The Blenders, The Coats, the King's Singers, Soundsation, Brave Saint Saturn, The Presidents of the United States of America,
Albums/CDs:Unforgettable (Nat King Cole), Rubber Soul (Beatles), The White Album (Beatles), Revolver (Beatles), The Bobs Sing the Songs Of... (The Bobs), The Bobs Cover the Songs Of... (The Bobs), All the Hype that Money Can Buy (Five Iron Frenzy), The End is Here (Five Iron Frenzy), Mmhmmm (Relient K),
Songs:Singin' In the Rain, Embraceable You, by Nat King Cole, Heart Still Beats, by Brave Saint Saturn, Under Bridges, by Brave Saint Saturn, Spontaneous Human Combustion, by the Bobs, Ugly Day, by Five Iron Frenzy,
TV Shows:Monk, Babylon 5, Trigger Happy TV, The Twilight Zone
Movies:Singin' In the Rain, The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Villiage, Skycaptain and the World of Tomorrow, The Incredibles, North by Northwest, Casablanca, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero,
Actors:Carrey Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Tony Shalub, Humphrey Bogart, Ewan McGregor, Christopher Lee, Ian Holm, Kenneth Branagh, Mel Blanc, The Marx Brothers,
Games:Halo, Halo 2, Star Wars: Battlefront, Texas Hold 'Em, Russian Roulette,
Sports:Frisbee, Ultimate Frisbee, Hit-Cow-with-a-Stick, Baseball (watching only), Soccer (playing only), Jumping off a trampoline, Falling off a trampoline, Running,
Colors:Deep forest green, Royal blue, Puce, Invisible,
Pets/Animals:One enormously fat cat by the ridiculous name of Dart.
Cars/Motorcyles:Cars: Yes.<br/> Motorcycles: In my dreams. Specifically, the ones where I'm way cooler than I actually am.
Season:As of the moment, it is winter. Thanks for asking. <br/> However, I do belive I prefer summer, were the choice given me. Three cheers for no school!
Food:As much as possible. I'm on the "Human Garbage Disposal" diet.
Drink:Amp, Whoopass, Jones Soda, Orange-Cream Sobe, Water, Poison, Human Blood, Liquid Nitrogen,
Quotes:"The way I see it, enemies are just friends that are trying to kill you."
Position:Underling, Assistant, Slouched, Out Cold,
Bad Movies which I liked anyways, and couldn't tell you why:The Mummy; The Mummy Returns; Van Helsing; Hulk; Dodgeball; Zoolander; Kill Bill; Independence Day;

Four Most Recent Entries

I love my life.
Any day where the biggest problem in it is the fact that the chocolate fountain isn't working quite correctly is a good freakin' day.
Another Intermittent Update
Once again, I have returned from the depths...for about five minutes. Here's the Scoop: Work I am now officially transferred to the Lynnwood Oriface Depot, but..well, basically, it's more of the same. If you want to know how work's going, ask someone else who's in the mood to whine. Mostly, it's passable, paying, and that's good enough for me. On to bigger and better things! My Current Whereabouts, both Physically and Musically Soundsation has just finished up our infamous Family Weekend with a rather successful concert, and has, only this morning, packed it's...
The Week In Review
As y'all may have noticed, it looks as though this here blog o' mine has degenerated to a nest of weekly bulletins. Such is life, and, with life as such, here's this week's: WORK Sucks, basically. I've been doing the open the store, go to shcool, close the store thing for two or three weeks now, and I'm about ready to start swallowing fistfuls of ground glass for a living, because it must be better for me. On the bright side, I've been having a blast with all the good folk at work, Pam aside. I still don't hate her, simply because I'm determined to be the only human being on the...
Greatest Penguin Serenity Just Like Heaven
There's a headline for you. Actually, there's the abreiviated first half of the list of movies playing at the Mountlake 9 cinemas this week. Nonetheless, I found it amusing.

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