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Theresa Parson-Tsopanis
General Information

Main blog:LuckyFindsDiy
Occupation:Artistic / Creative
Education:School of life
Service Attendance:Monthly
Race/lineage:White / Caucasian
Location:United States, California, San Francisco

Contact Information


Body Size:Big Boned
Height:5' 3" (160 cm)
Vision:Sun glasses
Hair Color:Dark Auburn
Hair Style:Ever Changing
Facial Hair:None
Skin Tone:Fair
Best Feature:Eyes
Clothing Pref.:Hippy/Groovy
Undies:Briefs - Short Leg Boxer
Tattoo Info:I have a tatoo on my backside that I got way back in the 70's. It is a rose with an ex's name on it. My husband never mentions it, though I'm sure he wouln't mind if I got it changed.
Piercing Info:Besides my ears, afew years ago I had a mid-life crisis and got my eyebrow pierced. It got mondo-infected so now I have no piercing, but a scar that no amount of make-up will cover. So much for split second decisions.
More Details:I love fashion, and design my own style from thrift shop finds added to must have pieces I pick up from H & M, Ross and the like. I also design clothing from existing pieces, or DIY. I also find fabulous vintage 60, 70 & 80's fashions from e-bay, where I also sell some of my handmade things. I guess my official trade would be theater costumer.

Personal Information

Relationship Status:Married
Family Info:Lots of grown kids and extended family, plus a unique collection of artistic friends.
Sexual Preference:Straight/Heterosexual
Astrological Sign:Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 23)
Existing as:Human
Liquor:Social drinker. One or two
Your Home:Live with husband
Biography/About:I am an actress, theater tech, costumer and roving fashionista. I love fashion and love putting together one-of-a-kind outfits combining thrift store finds, vintage pieces and new pieces. Recently moved to San Francisco where I never run out of places to shop, art galleries, theater and music. Even a day of just roaming San Francisco is better then a day of doing anything else!
Likes:Fashion, DIYing and creating one-of-a-kind pieces. Adore Sex And The City, Lipstick Jungle, eating out (beats cooking), writing both fiction and non-fiction and long lazy Sundays in my pjs watching old movies with glamourous costumes.
Dislikes:Panhandlers, finding out I gained a few pounds, pop-ins, people who don't pick up their dogs crap in the street and backstabbers.
Interests:Theater, Film, Shopping, Reading, Art Galleries & Museums, Fashion, Talking on the phone for hours, Family.

Personal Favorites

People/Heroes:My heroes are my husband, my kids, my grandkids and me, we have a very artistic, non traditional family unit scattered all over the country, but we still manage to have a great support system and alot of love!
Books:Valley Of The Dolls, The Love Machine, Once Is Not Enough, Dolores or anything by Jaqueline Susann, when I was 12 I snuck my mom's copy of Valley of The Dolls while she was out and read it cover to cover in 2 hours, it's still the best book I've ever read, of course any book dealing with fashion, acting or juicy celebritiy biographies, what can I say, I'm a child of pop culture!
Authors:Jaqueline Susann, Candace Bushnell, any celebrity author, Neil Simon, Harvey Feirstein
Music Genres:Everything from Frank Sinatra to Marilyn Manson and everyone and everything in between except country music and that new age crap!
Bands/Artists:Metallica, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Godsmack, Rancid, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Prong, Steven Van Zant, Janes Addiction and everyone else that makes me want to move my ass!
Albums/CDs:Sopranos Soundtracks, Sex And The City Soundtrack, Six Feet Under Soundtrack.
Songs:To many to mention
TV Shows:Sex And the City, Lipstick Jungle, Seinfeld, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, Law & Order, Not too much good on TV now, so I just watch reruns except for Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Movies:Peyton Place, Godfather Saga, Casino, Sex and the City, anything from the 60's or by Neil Simon.
Actors:Are there any real actors left?
Games:I don't do games
Sports:Don't do sports
Colors:I love the whole color pallette, Unfortunately I look best in jewel tones so i have to be careful what colors I wear.
Pets/Animals:My 12 year old cat Taz.
Cars/Motorcyles:We don't own a car, all we need is our monthly Muni pass.
Season:We don't have seasons here in NorCal
Food:Mexican, Italian, Greek and I'm always up for a real Philly Cheesesteak, Of course chocolate, rock candy and cotton candy!
Drink:Coca-Cola, the nectar of the Gods
Quotes:"When you're busy minding your own business you don't have time to be minding anyone else's, my mother, Always wear clean underwear in case you have an accident the people at the hospital won't talk about your dirty underwear, my grandmother, Respect your elders or I'll slap you, my husband to our kids.
Position:On top in every situation!

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